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Boss Media

Boss MediaHaving been active in the online gambling business since its very inception, Boss Media is among the oldest of the casino software developers and providers. The company is Swedish and they are traded publically on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The specialties of Boss Media has been poker gaming and general casino gaming, addressing every aspect of a smoothly run online casino.

A Reputation to Uphold

As an old-guard, publically traded company, Boss Media has established a lot of standards that they now need to live up to. Since they are publically traded, they are answerable to the shareholders of their company as well as to the online casinos that they support. Because they are answerable to their shareholders, they choose their casino partners carefully and they constantly aware of the quality of customer service and anything else that may affect the perception of their support platform.

Additionally, Boss Media submits its software to be tested by Technical Systems Testing. They review the Boss Media product with a team of mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists in order to ensure that the games operate properly and are fair and secure.

From the players perspective this means that they can enjoy the online casino experience, knowing that the games are impartial and that their personal information is safe from prying eyes.


Boss Media is set up to host a huge variety of computer games. One of their original focuses was poker, and they still offer a stellar variety of poker, poker variants and other assorted Flash based card and table games. Also, they offer a wide variety of slot and specialty games.

If you are in the mood for a chic game of baccarat or an exciting game of blackjack, Boss Media has got you covered. To make sure that they are not just a re-hash of the last casino that you visited, all the Boss Media games are entirely customizable by the casinos, so they each have a distinctive flavor and feel when you sit down to a new table.

Of course, slots are a staple of their stable of entertainments. With stellar animation and traditional and interactive slots, as well as slot tournament options, the slot players will never want for entertainment options.

Finally, Boss Media has tapped into one of the hottest new trends in online gaming: Bingo! This, however, is not your grandma’s bingo game – this is an exciting online game that offers interaction with fellow players, making it a truly social event.


Part of what keeps Boss Media in the forefront of players’ minds is the fact that they have a reputation for very low house edges, resulting in higher payouts. These low edges are most noticeable in their blackjack and roulette games. If you are doing your part correctly by playing a perfect blackjack game, the Boss Media product will pay out 100.15%, offering players one of the only true advantages in the gambling world.

Boss Media is old-school online gaming at its very best. They are part of the old guard for an excellent reason: they are among the very best. They stay current on technology and they innovate new and excellent games, but, at the same time, they leverage their history of experience to make sure that the online casino experience is always outstanding.

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