Liberty Slots

We are delighted to announce that the new Liberty Slots Casino is now open to US players. Moreover, Liberty Slots is powered by Wager Gaming Technology which means that all those favorite slot games you played for years are back! In addition, Liberty Slots is offering new players some pretty amazing promotions and welcome bonuses as well as an array of slot tournaments you will love entering on a daily and weekly basis. For US players, however, funding your casino account will once again be easy as pie as Liberty Slots is accept the prepaid gift card. So what are you waiting for? Join Liberty Slots Casino and relish all they have to offer!

Liberty Slots an ever popular classic slots game

The first Liberty Bell slot machine was invented and designed in1895, it was the first 3 reel slot machine. Charles Fey the inventor found his machine became very popular, certainly much more popular than other similar machines at that offered prizes such as cigarettes, gum and drinks. Charles Fey’s machine offered prize money instead. Mr. Fey went on to invent many more different slot machines. He faced stiff opposition from gambling institutions because his machines offered gamblers an opportunity to play on the slot machine and win money prizes. But The Liberty bell slots game offered the card symbols of hearts, diamonds spades, clubs, and horseshoes, as well as the Liberty Bell symbol.

Since the first invention, there have been many changes to slot machines; today modern machines are very sophisticated with random number generators, progressive jackpots, video slots games, networks and linked slots. There are so many different slots machines today that keep players interested. Slots have come a long way since Charles Fey’s invention of the Liberty Bell Slots machine.

Liberty Bell Slots

Today the Liberty Bell Slots game is one of the games in the Playtech stable it has three reels and a single payline, with eight winning combinations. You will find symbols that are typical such as The Statue of Liberty, BARs, and the Torch.

Classic play on a loved classic

Coin combinations range from one cent, five cents, ten cents, fifty cents, a dollar, two dollars and five dollars. The maximum number of coins on the reel is three which is just $15 in total and there are eight wining combinations. Each symbol has its own payout check the paytable for list of payments for each symbol. The simplicity of the game play is what appeals to many players.

Jackpot is a winner

There are two jackpots to work for, the first is 5,000 coins and the second is 2,000 coins, there are no wilds, scatters and bonuses to distract you from the main game play. You can look forward to good gaming and winning those jackpots.

Set the Autoplay

If you wish to relax and let the machine play for you, just set the Autoplay in motion and sit back, watch the reels spin and the winnings multiply.

Although this game is no longer available, there are many other similar classic three reel slots games that are very popular.

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