The Shark Slots

In The Shark, RTG provides probably one of the greatest penny slots ever created. That's right, there are no coin sizes to choose from in The Shark – you can only play with 1c coins. But it's still one of the top earners out there. Why? Because it has a progressive jackpot attached to it.

There's a little display at the bottom of the screen that shows you what the total dollar value of the progressive is. And when you realise that you could win thousands and thousands of dollars for the investment of a single penny, suddenly this becomes a Must Play game.

How to Navigate Shark Infested Waters

As with all video slots, the aim here is to get matching symbols to line up with each other, triggering a big payout. But since the maximum coin size for playing The Shark is fixed at 1c, the decision that matters here is how many lines to activate and how many coins to bet on each one. The game has a progressive jackpot which can only be triggered when you're playing it at the maximum bet level of 5 coins (5c) per line. There are 9 possible pay lines in total, and if you activated them all, you'd still only be spending 45c a spin. That's why the winning strategy with The Shark is just to max everything out.

Watery Visions

The graphics in the shark are presented in a very light hearted cartoon style, with a strong air of fun about them. Symbols that are worth watching out for include the 8-tentacled octopus, the star fish, and a frisky little seahorse who's ironically serving drinks.

This game doesn't have a Wild symbol, so don't expect help completing combinations – but it makes up for it by having two Scatter symbols: the treasure chest and the Shark himself.

Scatters are great because if at least three scatters appear anywhere on the reels – they don't need to line up – they trigger the lucrative bonus games.

Cool, Wet and Refreshing Bonuses

There are two bonus games in The Shark. When 3 or more treasure chests appear, you open them in any order you like to receive a random bonus of coins.

The more interesting game is when at least 3 sharks appear on the reels. When this happens, the screen clears, and the Shark deals you a card (that's right, he's a card shark). You must guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the card you're looking at.

Every time you guess correctly, you're awarded and increasingly large bonus of coins, until you guess wrong, and you're dropped back into the main game with your loot.

Hunting The Shark

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