Match Bonus

Match bonuses are one of the most basic forms of bonuses that casinos can offer their players. It essentially means that for every deposit you make, usually with a prescribed minimum, they’ll match it with a certain percentage back. What makes this so attractive to players is the simplicity of it. You know exactly what you need to deposit and how much you’ll get back as a bonus, no muss no fuss. Match bonuses are usually used as sign up bonuses, such as at Super Slots Casino, where they offer a very generous 100% match bonus on your first deposit, up to $300.

It is worth investigating the daily and weekly match bonuses that each casino offers as another determining factor for where to invest your funds. These regular bonuses, offered consistently across a specific time period are excellent ways to decide when and how much to fund your account and will serve a great cushion for your casino account, helping you to stretch your own money further. Oftentimes, they are also a determination of how generous a casino is overall to their players.

The Best Match Bonuses