Casino Slots

Online casinos offer hundreds of casino slots. Beginners and experienced players enjoy a range of themes, slot features and bonus games. There's good reason why casino slots are drawing in the crowds. Enjoy an online game while winning cash.

Some casinos require players to download their free software, but others use flash technology to provide no download casino slots. These games load quickly right from the casino. You can enjoy any of these casino slots for money prizes or play for fun while you become acquainted with the variety of games.

Differences in Online Casino Slots

Playing in an online casino means you'll be choosing from a range of slot games. With casino slots games ranging from single line slots to multi line slots, you should understand the differences.

Slots contain three or more reels. When you spin, the symbols in these reels begin their revolutions and then stop a few seconds later. If you've chosen single line slots, the symbols will appear on one line and you need to have the right combination of symbols to win money. Multi line slots offer numerous ways to win, usually up to 50 paylines exist, with many popular games offering 25 paylines. The mapping of the different paylines are given in the online casino slots paytable guide.

Many of the multi line slots are also known as feature slots. These online casino slots offer special features that increase your prizes or reward you with free spins.

Huge Prizes Await Players in Progressive Slots

Progressive slots pool a portion of the money bet by every player. That monetary pool becomes the jackpot prize. Any player who spins five of the same progressive jackpot symbol, refer to the game's paytable to learn which symbols lands the progressive prize, wins the amount shown in the progressive slots prize pool. Often, this amount is worth tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars!

Win, Place or Show is a horse racing themed progressive slot. In this 3-reel, single line slots game, three gold trophies lands you the progressive jackpot.

Win More Money with Tournament Slots

Online casinos regularly feature tournament slots. Pay your tournament entry fee and then play plenty of the online casino slots game chosen for the specific tournament. The people with the best winning record at the end of the month share a prize that often totals more than $25,000.

March Madness Tournament Slots is a player favorite. Liberty Slots Casino offers this popular tournament slots contest. With a prize pool of more than $30,000, it's an exciting way to enjoy your favorite online casino slots while boosting your chances for winning loads of cash.

Bonus Slots Add a New Level of Game Play

Bonus slots take 3 or 5-reel online casino slots to a new level. In addition to the regular slot game, spinning three of the slot game's triggering symbols leads you to an exciting bonus round where you quickly increase your winnings.

Tarot Treasure is an example of a bonus slot game that online slots enthusiasts enjoy. When the tarot gypsy appears in the right order, the bonus game launches. There you choose three of six tarot cards to reveal additional prizes.

Which Slots are Ideal for Newbies?

When you are new to online slots, it can feel overwhelming to figure out where to begin. Which games are best to play when you have never tried a slot before?

We remember being in that position, hence why we thought we would give you a few pointers here. Use this as a guide to start finding out more about slot games for newbies today.

Try three-reel slots for starters

The less complex, the better when you’re starting out. Playing slots with just three reels means you will have a minimal number of paylines to worry about. Many three-reel games only have one line; others might have three or five at most.

This makes it easy to bet just a few cents on each spin. They also tend to dispense with scatter symbols, bonuses, and even wilds in some cases. That said, you can find lots of three-reel games with a wild or two involved if you look for them.

Progress to five-reel games that aren’t too complex

If you feel ready to try a bigger game, check out some of the five-reel slots available today. You can choose one with anything from 10 paylines upwards, although a few might have just five paylines to play on.

These games often include a wild and a scatter symbol. The scatters are good because they can appear anywhere and still trigger a win for you if you get enough of them in play. Meanwhile, you also get the chance to look for some free spins, sometimes triggered by scatter symbols. There are more features involved in many five-reel slots, without it being too complex.

Simple cluster pays games are also worth a try

You can enjoy playing other game formats too. One of the best examples is the cluster pays format. Here you will see a bigger grid – typically 5 x 5 or larger – where you must find groups of connecting symbols to win. You will usually need five or more matching symbols horizontally or vertically connected to each other to win the relevant prize. Once you get the hang of them, they provide a good alternative to the usual reel-and-payline format.

Is today the day you will check out some online slots for the first time? If so, take your time, explore the opportunities, and see whether you like the fun and games on offer.

What Makes One Slot Better Than Another?

Is this one of the toughest questions we could ask? It would seem so. If you were to pull together a dozen slot players in the same room, they would all have different ideas about what makes the ideal slot game to play. But can we figure out any commonalities that tend to crop up in the best games?

A well-presented theme

Notice we said, ‘well presented’. Some themes appear time and again, proving their popularity. Yet the presence of a good theme doesn’t guarantee success. It might give the slot a better chance, but lazy presentation doesn’t get you anywhere. If the developers are creative with that theme, it can give them a head start.

A decent jackpot

Not necessarily a progressive jackpot, but something that makes it possible for every player to win a good sum of money. We know we probably won’t manage to do that, but it still feels good to know there is a chance. We’ve seen games with small top prizes to be won, and they never seem to attain the heights of games with far bigger potential prizes.

Entertainment value

It’s easy to focus on nothing but prizes when you are looking for slots to play. Yet there is no question some of the more entertaining games may not be the biggest payers of all – and vice versa. We would always prefer to play a game we enjoy than to play a game built on a basic premise with huge prizes to be won.

Do special features matter?

This is a tough one to answer. Some would say they choose slots to play based on the presence of varied bonus games. We prefer lots of bonuses and different features to play, but that doesn’t apply to all players. It wouldn’t apply to fans of the basic three-reel slot games, for example.

Some games do benefit from having several features and are no doubt more popular because of them. But other games – take Cleopatra, for example – are hugely popular with nothing too special about them at all. Starburst is another classic example.

So, it is as much down to your own preferences as anything else. We all know a good slot game when we see it, although some may wonder why big hits are as successful as they are. Is simplicity sometimes the best route of all, we wonder?

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Head to your favorite online casino today and discover the fun awaiting you. Today's online casino slots offer incredible themes ranging from your favorite movies to classic fruit slots. Enjoy the fast game play while you learn just how easy it is to walk away with cash prizes.