Intertops Casino Classic No Deposit Bonus Codes

Did you know there are two versions of the Intertops Casino you could visit? Here they are:

You can tell them apart from their color schemes, even if you haven't been there before. The red one is red - well, of course it would be - and the classic casino is gold. We love them both, but it brings up some important points to note if you are on the look-out for some no deposit bonus codes to use there.

Make sure you choose the right bonus code for the right casino

It could be you find a free chip for Intertops Casino Red that cannot be used in the other casino - or vice versa. If you read the rules, you can check on this and some other points as well.

For example, are bonus codes limited to one game or a game type? How long do they last for once you claim them? It's usually best to use them once you've claimed yours, as you don't want to forget about the free chip you just got and then find it has vanished.

Watch out for different promotions in each version of Intertops

A quick glance at the various promotions at Red and Classic reveal they are nowhere near the same. That does mean you could spot a free chip or a chance to get some free spins on a slot at one version but not at the other.

Of course, you shouldn't limit your foray into no deposit bonus codes to the site itself. Intertops is great, but it can also reveal some enticing codes outside of the casino walls. Those walls may be virtual, but they're there, and the casino team often deposits codes at other sites as well.

Therefore, to get the best chance of finding some free play codes to remember, you should widen your search to include all other internet sites. We share news of codes for Intertops Casino here when we find them, so you may not need to go further than you already have.

Never stop looking though, because there are some excellent ways to find bonus chips, free spins, and other perks that come as part of your membership of Intertops. Squeeze every drop out of Intertops Red or Intertops Classic as you wish!