US Online Gaming Association

The US Online Gaming Association (USOGA) is a newly formed organization for egaming companies advocating the legalization and regulation of online gaming in the United States. Since the initial attempts to get national legalization of online gaming failed, USOGA is focused on advocating state level legalization.

Melanie Brenner, president of USOGA and former director of Poker Voters of America lobbying group had this to say: “With the failure of a federal solution to this issue, the opening of the lucrative US market will be through state capitols such as Tallahassee, Sacramento and Trenton. The work we have done through Poker Voters has uniquely positioned us to be the most effective voice in moving this issue.”

For many years the United States has banned online gaming at the state levels. The problem is that each state has differing gambling laws and varying interpretations of what constitutes gambling within the given state.

Some states claim that Online Gambling is still gambling within the state if the computer terminal where the player is sitting is within their state. Others argue that the gambling is actually being done where the online casino is based.

Additionally, there is the financial reporting that must be done when a player cashes out. This is handled much in the manner of accrued investment income with reporting of wins going to the Internal Revenue Service.

The goal of the US Online Gaming Association is to make online gaming available to everyone in the United States by making the laws more standardized. In that way casinos will be able to interact with US residents more easily and they will not risk breaking laws by making their casinos available to them. In that way US residents will be able to safely access online casinos like Super Slots Casino or Cherry Slots, and not be at risk of infringing on any laws, state or federal, when playing.

The US Online Gaming Association is one that is beneficial not only to all US players, but to online casinos as well. The major resistance to this organization comes from stateside brick-and-mortar casinos, whose political influence is considerable, but with experience at the helm such as that brought by Melanie Brenner, the US Gaming Association will certainly succeed.