Sneak a Peek Doctor Slots

Microgaming certainly has had a lot of interesting things going for it recently and in August of 2007 amongst other things it released a slot machine known as the Sneak a Peek Doctor Doctor slot machine. The game itself was designed to be sexy and to appeal to that part of a person’s brain and indeed the great popularity the game has received at a number of different casinos has shown that this type of maneuver can indeed work and does indeed appeal to a number of different people. There are a number of special features inherent to Sneak a Peek Doctor Doctor Slots game as well; something that players will appreciate.

The Slot Machine

The Sneak a Peek Doctor Doctor Slots machine itself is actually very easy to use, with select lines, select coins and bet max buttons readily available for people to use in order to get what they want. The slot machine has 3 reels, which add up to about ten different pay-lines that you can potentially win on. The maximum coins that you can use and the coin limits are all consistent with typical Microgaming concepts as the coins start at $0.01 and go all the way up past a dollar in size. You can even set the auto-spin feature to play the Sneak a Peek Doctor Doctor Slots game for you if you prefer to sit back and watch the thing in action; the choice is completely yours.

Special Features

There are a number of special features inherent to Sneak a Peek Doctor Doctor Slots machine, the first of which is the wild card. The wild card can substitute for any of the other symbols around and when wild cards are rolled the computer will automatically figure out for you what the most profitable use of the wild card during a specific roll might be. In addition to the wild card, there are also scatter symbols that allow you to change directions and actually earn additional money in winnings depending on how many scatter symbols there are. Finally, there are also free spins that you can earn which also allow you to triple the money you get on any prize you win during a free spin.

There are also two bonus rounds, known as the Sneak a Peek Bonus and the Select a Smooch, both of which allow you to win money that you can then add to your coinage stack with pride. In the former, you get to scratch parts of a card and see if you win something by getting 3 of the same. If you win, you actually get to sneak a peek! The latter bonus round allows you to select from different kiss symbols in an attempt to win free spins.

All in all, Sneak a Peek Doctor Doctor Slots is a fun game to play. It is available online currently at least at the 32Red Casino.