MicrogamingMicrogaming is one of the "old guard" of Internet gaming software providers and developers. Despite the fact that they have been significant providers since 1990, with the release of their latest "Viper" format, they are still considered to be one of the top three gaming developers in the industry, and, by many experts estimate, they are the very top.

A Reputation for Fairness in Internet Gaming

Microgaming is a privately owned company based on the Isle of Mann. Since its inception, they have maintained a sterling reputation, supporting the highest standards for Internet gaming and open communication about what goes on in the casinos. To that end you will find that all Microgaming casinos are equipped with the PlayCheck feature, allowing you to get a complete record of your gaming activity in a concise and easy-to-read format.

In addition to being behind many of the very hottest online casinos, Microgaming is the force behind eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation Assurance, better known as eCOGRA. The eCOGRA seal on a casino is a rock-solid assurance that the casino practices the tightest and most reliable security standards, protecting the gamers' identities and their money. eCOGRA is not a seal that automatically goes on Microgaming casinos. In fact, quite to the contrary, every casino has to qualify for the eCOGRA seal, and they are spot-checked regularly to keep that seal of approval. eCOGRA assures that the casinos maintain the highest standards of fair Internet gaming, quality service and payouts.

A Standard of Quality

More than 120 online casinos use the Microgaming Viper format, and a large number of dedicated poker rooms use it as well. The great thing about Microgaming Viper is in its versatility and in the potential for variety. From the player's perspective, you can play at five different Viper casinos, and each will be entirely different from one another. The casino format is entirely customizable, so, despite the fact that it is one of the most used casino software packages, you will not realize that in the superficial appearance. Where you will recognize it is in the overall ease of use of the casino program.

Reviews of Top Microgaming Casinos

Customer Service Comes First

Microgaming's passions for openness and fairness in Internet gaming and maintaining high gaming standards all contributes to the primary focus at Microgaming: world class entertainment. They realize that, as a player, you cannot focus on the game and really get the most out of it if you are concerned about the fairness of the house or who is stealing your identity or your money. Microgaming goes to great lengths to make sure that nothing distracting you from the best, most immersive Internet gaming experience possible.