Bonus Hunting

Bonus hunting is simple: Some players cruise online casinos in order to choose the gaming establishments with the most attractive new member promotions and then strive to make as much money as possible off of the additional money received. Players are essentially making a deposit, receiving the new player bonus, playing games that have a favorable payback percentage, and then meeting the minimum wagering requirement before cashing out with their free money! Gamblers love the thrill of the game, but bonus hunters love the joy of making a profit.

How do Bonus Hunters Make a Profit?

Bonus hunters make their money by playing games that they know they have the best odds of winning. Although the house always has at least a slight edge, some casino games have a higher payback percentage than others; these are the games that the successful bonus hunter plays. The bonus hunter must also meet the wagering requirements of the casino at which they are playing. For example, most casinos require players to bet their deposit and their bonus at least 10X before the player can withdraw the money. If the player has managed to break even on his original deposit, he should then be able to get back the money he deposited along with the casino bonus…Ideally, this would be a smart way to game!

Why Don’t Casinos Stop Bonus Hunters?

In recent years, casinos have raised the minimum wagering requirements to make bonus hunting a less lucrative pass time, but it is still possible for a bonus hunter to make money from the freebies offered by the online casinos. Where many casinos require wagering requirements as high as 10X or 15X now, at one time they could drop as low as 4X. Another problem that serious bonus hunters can encounter are the game restrictions; the games that provide the highest payback percentages are often excluded from bonus offers. Casinos have made the necessary changes to ensure that bonus hunters cannot the type of profit that they could in the early days of online gambling.

Is Bonus Hunting Really Worth It?

Although many online guides encourage readers to believe that bonus hunting is a viable occupation, it’s smarter to play casino games for the thrill of winning, not what you can get out of the casino. If you’re going to give it a try, make sure that you pursue it with the same caution you would when making any other wagers for entertainment. Many bonus hunters lose both their deposit and the bonus while wagering.

It’s also smarter to play games like blackjack and roulette if you want to be a successful bonus hunter; games like keno and slots are more to the house’s advantage than the players, so stick with the games with the best odds.

If you’re thinking about bonus hunting as a way to make some quick cash, it might be better to get a second job; with tighter restrictions on how players may spend and withdraw their bonus deposits, it’s not really worth it anymore. Just enjoy casino games for the thrill of playing…not to try to make a profit!