Coat of Arms Slots

Welcome to play at Coat of Arms Slots is a big, new slot game with a romantic mediaeval theme. As part of the latest group of games from RealTime Gaming (RTG), it looks and plays perfectly. In addition to top notch functionality, it is just a beautifully conceived game that will draw players in and keep them playing for hours.

Coat of Arms Set-up

The way that Coat of Arms is laid out is contrived to be very familiar to players of five-reel video slot games. Information including the current play balance, the current slot bet and amount most recently won are all displayed across the top of the screen. Right below that info is the current major jackpot and the minor jackpot amounts. Beneath all that information, the play reels take up the majority of the screen. Across the bottom of the screen are the controls for the amount of the bet, auto play and the spin button. As is typical of five-reel games, the paytables are on a secondary screen that may be accessed at any time.

Regal Look

We have come to expect great looking games from RTG, but even with expectation, Coat of Arms is a real stand-out. The design of this game is rich with beautiful images of knights and ladies. The poker deck indices that are used are completely re-designed to fit in with the theme of the beautiful game. To top all the gorgeous design off, the key symbols are animated when they come into play, making the over-all effect even more impressive. This is a game that will make full use of your HD monitor, and it offers a great way to show it off.

Coat of Arms Play

You won’t quite be on the jousting pitch when playing this game, but the Black Knight and the White Knight are here! The Black Knight serves as the wildcard and the White Knight as the scatter symbol. Free spins abound, and are awarded liberally in play. Beyond that, there are not side-games on this classic – just straightforward slot play with an ever increasing progressive jackpot.

Knightly Rewards

When the jackpot is won on Coat of Arms, the major pot resets to $1000 and the secondary pot resets to $250, which is not terribly impressive. But as a progressive game, the jackpots increase from that baseline as more players play. The maximum major jackpot is a generous 50,000 coins – and that is pretty impressive.

Play Coat of Arms Now!

Coat of Arms is a great playing and great looking video slot game that will keep players who like traditionally styled five-reel games engrossed for a very long time. like the Freaky Fruits download and Wild Eyes video slot machine, this is one that is sure to become a longstanding classic among online gamers. Our recommendation: Play some Coat of Arms slots tonight at