2UP Game

Two Up is a simple wagering game that's played all over Australia. The game started off in Australia hundreds of years ago and gave people something to wager on before casinos were commonplace. The game makes use of two coins, generally pennies, and has players wagering on the outcome of two coinflips. There is a single person in charge of flipping the coins, while everyone else wagers on what will be turned up during the flipping.

Wagering in Two Up

There are three different wagers that can be made while playing Two Up. With two coins there are three combinations that can be made by flipping them. While playing this game you can wager on the coins landing heads up, tails up, or landing as a mix of the two. Each outcome is just as likely to occur, so there is no best wager to make while playing this game. The wager that you make will determine whether you win or lose, and the odds set in place will determine just how much money you win for a lucky wager.

Playing with Pennies

Traditionally Two-Up is played with pennies. This was done for a few different reasons. Pennies are an ideal coin to use for this type of game because it's easy to tell when they are heads or tails. Older pennies had writing all over one side and a head figure on the other, so the two sides were easy to tell apart in mere moments. Pennies also had a good weight for flipping which made them even better for wagering.

Playing on Anzac Day

Two Up is a common game played in pubs and casinos all over Australia during Anzac Day as a way to reconnect with the miners from the old days. This game is a traditional gambling game, but it can still be a lot of fun today when played properly.

Playing Two-Up Online

If you enjoy Two-Up while playing with other people in person, you can play for real money online as well and you can do so simply enough. There are many casinos in Australia that offer Two-Up as an optional online game. Test one of them out and flip over the virtual coins while wagering to hopefully get some nice wins. The game is easy to play, takes only a few minutes to understand and will give you hours of entertainment.

There are plenty of casinos today that offer Two-Up. If you're interested in playing the game take the time to look through the different options and find one that fits your needs best. Pay attention to the bonuses and other games offered and make your decision based on all those different factors.