Diamond 777 Classic Slots

Microgaming has not forgotten that some people really enjoy a traditional slot game so they have given you Diamond 777 Slots. This one is simple to play and captures the old school that some still relish such as an uncomplicated game play and a basic interface. You will see symbols such as the traditional cherries, bars and sevens. There are three reels and only one pay line offered in this slot game.

During the past years online slots have taken a turn and now there are all types available. You can play with wilds, stacked wilds, expanding wilds, scatters, often confusing free games with multipliers that can be difficult to understand, then there are bonus games and the list just goes on. For many people this is great and they love all of the bells and whistles. Others seem to think that this kind of stuff can only complicate the game play and they welcome a chance to play Diamond 777 Classic old school slots .

Game play begins at a quarter and goes up to five bucks a spin. You can wager three coins per spin for a max of $15 every time that you spin the reels. Because of the fact of staying traditional Diamond 777 Classic Slots does not offer any wilds, scatters, multipliers, free spins, or bonus rounds. What it will offer you is high generated cash winnings and more frequent wins. There is a top jackpot of 2,500 coins. How much you will win depends on how many coins you wagered. This is quite simple to follow. If you wagered all three coins then your jackpot would be 2,500 coins, wager two coins and it drops to 1,000 coins, and if you wagered only one coin then it drops even further to 500 coins.

Now you can use the auto play function in Diamond 777 Classic Slots. This feature, when enabled, will allow you to set the game to play mechanically. Set it according to how many spins you want it to take for you or set it to exhaust a specific amount of money. The game will stop for any wins automatically. This way you do not have to miss out on any action and can enjoy continual game play.

Diamond 777 Classic Slots allows you the chance to keep it simple and still win handsomely. What could be any better than that?