Diamond Mine Slots

I don’t know about you, but I love diamonds, the extra sparkle that they give when they are caught in the light together with the pure beauty of this naturally mined stone, make it a woman’s and a man’s best friend. A diamond is something that will never diminish in value and will always keep is clarity and beauty. Diamond Mine slots or Super Diamond Mine slots as this new version of the game is better known is a five reel nine payline slots game from Real Time Gaming that is different from most other games that I have come across. The symbols are very standard and include single, double and triple bars in addition to dynamite and a machine for blowing the mines together with the diamonds of course. Download and start playing Diamond Mine Slots now!

Place up to 45 Coins per Spin

In this game you can place coin bets that range from $0.01 up to $5 and with a maximum bet of $225 i.e. 45 coins per spin you have an enormous range of betting options. Of course I prefer to start low and work my way up in value as my confidence grows in the game. As you start playing this game you will see a diamond counter in the top left of the screen, this will change with every diamond that appears on the screen. In other words it counts the diamonds on the screen. The diamonds act as a bonus symbol in addition to being regular money making options and when a diamond lands on your screen pointing in a certain direction it will slide across the screen in the direction it is pointing and make the symbols that it crosses turn into diamonds too. It’s quite cool when you see this happen and of course the more diamonds the greater the screen counter and then you get closer to the bonus game.

99 Diamonds Leads to Bonus Mining Game

Once the diamond counter reaches 99 you will see a mini explosion and you are taken to a new screen to play the bonus game. In the bonus game a cute little gnome miner travels around 7 different mines in order to find the bonuses offered but beware that he can be blown away literally if he goes to the wrong mine in the wrong order. You can win a maximum of 4950 coins in this bonus game which is a substantial amount no matter what the coin size is that you have used in your bet. Once you have played this game once you will be drawn to the magic of the diamonds and wonder how you every managed without this great game.