Single Slots

It is thanks to the single slots that we have such a wide range of slot machines to play at today. So it is only fitting that we focus a bit on the single slots which should be considered the father of all slots.

Since the 1800's, Single Slots Have Ruled

It was back in the late 1800's that a very ingenious and creative mechanic by the name of Charles Fey invented the first single line slots machine which was known as the Liberty Bell. Since then many different versions have been developed and perpetuated but the single line slot machine remains the classic slot machine. From the land based casinos to the internet casinos, the classic 3 reel, one payline slot machine has remained a big part of the casino world.

One, Two or Three Coin Options

The single line slot machine is exactly as it sounds; it is a slot machine which has only one single winning payline. All that you have to do is land three of the same symbols on the central winning line to win the big jackpot. At casinos online you can find numerous different themes and symbols which are incorporated into single slots and even stories that can be told. Many single slots only have one option with one coin that can be used to place bets and the coin can vary in value. But there are other versions of single slots which offer one, two or three different coin options therefore giving more chances to win higher amounts of money.

Larger Payouts for Less Energy

The payouts on single slot machines tend to be relatively larger than multi-payline slot machines because of the nature of the game. In other words, you don't have as many chances to win so the chance that you do have to win is given a higher value. Today you can also find single slots which offer the nudge or hold option where you can hold symbols or nudge them around the screen in the hope of getting closer to the jackpot. Another feature of the modern day single slots machines is also bonus rounds where you are taken to a different screen and given the chance to gain even more winnings by working your way around a trail. Entry into the bonus trails is often by way of landing special symbols as you spin the regular reels.

Easy and Lucrative Gaming

Playing single slots is great and easy and for some a no brainer. But considering it is a no brainer it is a very fruitful way to make money and of course enjoy yourself at the same time. We owe a lot to single slots and their perpetual fun and excitement that still today entices and enthralls with all the different themes and types of single slot machines that there are.