Golden Glove Slots

Golden Glove Slots

If you're a baseball fan and a slot lover as well, then you'll definitely enjoy the Golden Glove Slots. Golden Glove Slot is an exciting slot game you'll definitely enjoy. You can download Golden Glove Slots software provided by RTG for free and get a chance to win real prize money. If you love the ballgame, you'll definitely have a blast because, in Golden Glove Slots, you can go for a home run. Hitting the home run means that you'll be rewarded with 9 free games. The home run offers 5 to 100 times your regular prize money. The game also has scattered symbols and wild symbols. Golden Glove Slot is probably one of the easiest and most exhilarating games available online. So what are you waiting for? Try the best of both worlds. Enjoy a game of ball while winning lots of money.

Simple Steps in Playing Golden Glove Slots

Winning in Golden Glove Slots is definitely simple. Before playing the game, you need to learn more about the rules of the game. Once you've mastered the rules of the game, you can start by playing on the free Golden Glove Slot game. This is the perfect way to practice what you've learned before you do the actual game.

Whenever you're playing Golden Glove Slots, you need to remember that all the symbols in the reel will pay from left to right, except the scatter symbol, the "Glove" which pays both ways. If you're lucky, your winnings per pay line will be added to your total winnings. If, in case, you hit the scatter symbol, you'll get a chance to multiply your bet. The highest reward you can receive in Golden Glove slots is 40,000 per bet. You can have the opportunity to receive this if you hit both the scatter and other bonus symbols. You can also hit the wild symbol, which is the "Baseball batter". This symbol usually emerges in the third reel and it substitutes the other symbols in the game.

Want more? Golden Glove slot doesn't stop there. This game also offers great bonuses. The game offers "random jackpot", which rewards players with very tempting amounts. The "Home Run", on the other hand, is one of the special bonuses offered by Golden Glove slot. You only need to hit three or more scatter symbols to get the "Home Run". Grand Slam is the highest honor in Golden Glove Slot. If you've already exhausted your "home run" bonus, you can use the "Grand Slam" to take home more prizes.

Golden Glove Slots - Best Online Casinos

If want the best of both worlds, you must choose the best casino that offers the highest signup bonus.