A 45 Thousand Dollars Win at Liberty Casino's Crazy Cherry

The gambling gods have decided to make 2017 a fortunate one for yet another player. This time the lucky gambler turns out to be a member of Liberty Slots Casino. Her name is Anja T. and she went through a spectacular winning streak while she was enjoying the Crazy Cherry Slot game on a mobile device. She was having a very good game even before the moment of the giant win. Anya had 8500 dollars on her balance when she took a terrific risk to increase the bet to 9 dollars for every spin. Fortune favors the bold, as they say and just after midnight, the jackpot became hers after all the three reels had Crazy Cherry symbols in the center payline. She acquired a sum equaling 5000 times the coin bet or 45 000 dollars.

The Player

The giant award aside, what is truly remarkable is the fact that after being in possession of 8500 dollars, Anja decided to raise the stakes, knowing full well the possible negative consequences. But she risked and the payment for her bravery was substantial. As it turns out however, she didn't stop there. According to the winner herself, she kept on playing for two hours after hitting the jackpot. She happens to be a player that plays first and foremost for the enjoyment of the gambling thrill and not for the money because she goes on to say that she had so much money she couldn't stop playing. Mark Ramirez who is the manager of Liberty Slots Casino expressed his happiness for the big win and his assurance that Liberty Casino gave Anja the spring of her life.

Classic Games for Mobile Play

Crazy Cherry Slots is a game with a classical set up of 3 reels and a single payline and it happens to be one of three of this kind that have been consistently popular at Liberty Slots. Players who prefer ot tend to be gambling on their mobile devices are particularly fond of them. The other two games are Triple 10x Wild and 3x Wild Cherry, both of which are perfectly suited for mobile use and can lead to just the same financial triumphs of titanic proportions. The reason for the easy adaptability to a mobile device is the simplicity of the main screen. One of the many great things about small slot games with a classical set up is the fact that the rules and visuals might appear more simplistic but the sheer size of the awards remains the same. 20 free spins on Cash Grab Slots with an instant coupon 3X4127F will be available at Liberty Casino by the end of May. Make the best out of what Liberty Casino is offering you right now and you might find yourself in a beautiful happy-end gambling fairy tale of your own, just like Anja did.