Bovada Rewards

Those that are looking to get more out of their gaming experience with Bovada can find themselves looking into a new rewards program that they offer. This program ensures that those that are long-time players with the casino are rewarded. Take a look into the rewards program to find out if they provide you with a rewarding experience.

Time to Treat Yourself

As a valued player with Bovada, they make sure to provide a rewards program worth being a part of. Find out how this rewards program works and what you can expect as a part of what they are offering.

Earn rewards points each and every time you play in the casino. Each of the games that they have offer a specific amount of points. These points can then be cashed in for earnings and other fun things through the rewards portion of the casino.

The points that you collect while playing can even be redeemed for actual cash value in the players account in the banking section. This means the more you play, the more money you could get back.

You can get some cash back from what you put down on the table for the losses that you have on the tables. This actually pays out well, since the house has an edge, they want to give the players one, too.

Those that play more get rewarded more. This is based off of a tier system that the casino uses. This system is one that can help you move up on the tier levels, essentially offering you more incentive to keep playing inside the casino.

You don't lose tiers if you stop playing for a bit, either. You keep your tier status until you come back and keep playing to move yourself up more.

Quick FAQ

Those that want to know more about the rewards program and what you can get from using it can find answers to their frequently asked questions right here. This way, you can learn more about the program before you sign up for the casino.

How Many Points Do I Get For the Games?

  1. 1 Point - Video Poker, Table Games
  2. 5 Points - Slot Games
  3. 15 Points - Specialty Games, Sports Teasers
  4. 3 Points - Sports Singles
  5. 25 Points - Sports Round Robins and Parlays
  6. 40 Points - Racebook Straight Wager
  7. 60 Points - Racebook Exotics and Multiples

Can I Get Points From Live Dealer Games

These games do not acquire points, unfortunately, as they are a specialty game but a different class than the specialty listed.

How Many Tiers are There?

There are currently 6 different tiers that players can move up. How many points you get and hold onto will depend on where you land on the tiers. The more points, the higher you get and the more extras you get from the tier.

How Do I Redeem My Points?

You just have to go to the banking section and click on the "Claim My Bonus" button and they will then allow you to transfer the number of points that you have into cash value. The tier that you have will determine the percentage that the points are paid out in.

How Can I Use My Bonuses?

You're able to put them back into the games, or tournaments or other areas of the casino when it comes to playing. This ensures that you keep the fun and games going with the bonus pay backs that the casino offers.