Games at Hallmark Casino

Visit any online casino and you can guess the range of games you will find there. Think of slot games, table games, video poker, and so on. But what about soft games? Have you ever heard of those? We must admit we hadn't seen that term used before - not until we visited Hallmark Casino anyway. They've included soft games in their gaming menu though, so we thought we'd dive in to see the kinds of games included in there.

Appearing just to the right of the slots section of the menu, the soft games option includes just two variations. The first of these is Virtual Racebook 3D. This is for you if you enjoy horse racing, since this is the focus of the game. The 3D element makes it more appealing and it is a new addition to the site. The second game is called Skratcherz. That name is a giveaway to the kind of game you can expect to play. Yes, it's a scratch card experience - ideal if you are looking for something to play that is quick and easy to fit between other games.

Hallmark Casino offers plenty of great opportunities to enjoy some superb gaming. If you are thinking about joining, you can expect a signup bonus to come your way once you make your first deposit. You can also check out the chance to enjoy a re-deposit bonus and some of their exclusive bonuses too. There is no end to the opportunities at Hallmark, and that includes the soft game options too.