How to Find Free Online Slots With Bonuses, No Download Required

While many casinos offer you the chance to download some free software, this doesn't suit everyone. You may not like the idea of having software on your computer if there is no need for it. If you visit several casinos on a regular basis, that software can soon start clogging up your system.

The alternative, if you want to find free online slots with bonuses, no download required, is to search for instant play casinos. Otherwise known as Flash casinos, these require no download of any kind. Some might offer that as an alternative, but if you search for Flash-powered casinos you can be sure of finding some entertaining slots to play.

The best way to look for them is to explore some of the finest online casinos around today. Many of them offer players the chance to play slots for free, even if that means having zero chance of winning any cash. It is a good way to figure out how games work and whether you want to play the real version. Being able to do this by playing the Flash games rather than downloaded ones makes the whole process much easier. Try it today - search for some Flash games with no download needed and you'll see what we mean.