What Will You Make of the Vip Program at Coolcat Casino?

Is Cool Cat Casino a cool place for you to play your favorite online casino games? We think so, but while choosing a casino with lots of games to offer is a good move, it is only part of the deal. It might also be worth considering whether your selected casino has a VIP program open to members. Coolcat Casino does, and that is what we are going to learn more about here.

As with most VIP programs, you will find this one has several different levels to strive for. Since this casino is based around a feline theme, you won't be surprised to spot various cats representing the different levels. It makes a change from gems! While the VIP program is not automatically open to all members of Coolcat Casino, you can attain the first level - Cheddar - by earning 150 or more comp points during your time at the site. There is also an option to buy into the level if you're keen on getting there as quickly as possible.

Level two is represented by Dodger, level three by Bouncer, level four by Coolcat, and level five by Coolcat Elite. The website reveals all the perks to be had at each level, and of course things get better and better the further through the levels you go. Another reason why you should check out the casino website is to read about the VIP special deals on offer. You will find these on the VIP program page, along with the redeem codes needed to claim each one. Could this be the best part of being a member of Coolcat Casino? Only you can decide.