Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino

If you enjoyed playing at Bodog Casino then you are going to love to play at new online Bovada Casino. Bovada is the new name that the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group will be using instead of the old All your favorite games are still available; you will just need to change your bookmark or list of favorites to the new URL of

Who is the Software Ran Through?

One of the most unique things about Bovada Casino in comparison to every other casino that is out there is that they are not just home to one software company, but they are home to a few different ones. They bring the mix of these companies together to provide a wide selection of awesome games for all the players that sign up to become players. The software that is being provided through Bovada include:


Having developed over 150 games in over ten years time, they continue to make a name for themselves in the casino world. Some of the games have become well-known and others are favorites of players. The majority of the games that are made for the casinos are slots, but they do have specialty games that are offered.

A Day at the Derby

A Day at the Derby SlotsThis colorful slot machine welcomes the ability to check out a slot machine themed after the horse races so many are fond of. With bonus spins, great sounds, great graphics and even better symbols that pay out more, those that want a place to play are easily able to take advantage of these slots.

Realtime Gaming

One of the best-known gaming software companies out there, Realtime Gaming really puts the graphics and sounds of other slot machines to shame. Founded back in 1998, they have since grown in size delivering the best in quality gaming. You can expect that the quality of these games is going to continue to rise.


Cubee The Travel Adventure SlotsAs one of the newest slot machines out there from RTG, you can expect nothing but the best from this one. This cute little cube is at it providing those trying to win some cash with a way to do so. There is a fixed jackpot and it does come with bonus spins and a bonus game, making it extra fun for the player, though RTG is known for their bonus games. They provide even more winnings or cash outs when they are needed.

Revolver Gaming

One of the newer gaming software companies on the market, you can expect to find nothing but the best from the symbols that follow. You can expect to find that many of their slot machines are 3D in nature, providing great graphics and even better sounds. With just a small number of video slot machines out, you can try them out for yourself to see how they fit.

Lotto Lucky

Lotto Lucky SlotsThis colorful slot machine game is based on rainbows and a lot of fun! Based almost entirely on lucky charms, you can expect nothing but the best from the slots that allow you to line up these colorful creatures. Instead of reels, this slot machine brings balls that float on the screen instead. You just have to line those up to get your winnings. With free spins that are awarded, you can keep the fun happening. The one major difference with this game is that there is no background music that accompanies it.

Makitone Gaming

One of the software companies that are so fresh on the market that not a lot of information is known about this software company. You can be sure to find that their games do not suffer because of this. They are fresh, colorful and very graphically organized, so you can have a better gaming experience possible. The work on both desktop and mobile gaming slots.

Secrets of a Geisha

Secrets of a Geisha SlotsWith themed symbols that roll around on the 5 reels, you're easily able to see why so many players enjoy this high action, fun slot machine game that provides everyone with excitement. If you want to win some money, you have to line up the symbols exactly how they are. The one big thing is that the game doesn't come with a bonus round that a lot of the other slot machines do provide to their players.

Visionary iGaming Software

As a great choice to go with when choosing a software company that provides the slot machine that offers a better gaming experience. As a newer software company, there is not a lot of information about them but they have put a lot of new games out there for the players to check out for themselves. They are well worth it with the crisp sounds and great graphics.

Haunted House Slots

Haunted House Slots (Playtech)The slot machine looks a bit more basic than other slots that are out there, but Visionary has put the fun to the game with the themed symbols that mix along with the classic slots. The winning combinations vary depending on the themed symbols that you line up, as well as wild and scatters that come along on the board. If you want something spookily fun, this is the slot machine worth looking into. There is even a bonus to go along with!

What Players are Accepted at Bovada?

Bovada welcomes players from the USA, as well as some other countries, though Canada, Australia, and Europe players are not yet included in those welcome to sign up and play within the casino. Hopefully, soon they will consider expanding the casino to other countries.

Casino Payout Times

The payout times generally vary depending on the method for payout that you choose. This is simply because some payout methods take longer to go through than others. You can expect a check to take longer to be mailed to your home, up to 7 days or so. However, those that want Bitcoin or other transfer do not have to wait as long to get their payout. With such a great payout schedule with the best times, you can expect that you're getting the best service when you request your payouts.

Bovada's Casino Affiliate Program

Best Partners are Bovada's casino affiliate program to be aware of. You can ensure that you're making the most use of the affiliate program when you sign up to become partners with them. They provide those that become partners with their program the chance to earn up to 45% in revenue share. Bovada is not the only casino in the partnership, others are also included.

Is Sports Betting Offered With a Casino Bookie?

Just about every type of betting and gambling is welcomed at Bovada Casino. With sports betting on just about any sport you can think of, as well as a racebook to put your money down on, you can watch the live race and put your bets down as the magic happens. If you want to cash in on the biggest wins, the Casino Bookie is there taking down your wagers and holding onto them. Look to see if the event you are set to watch is going to be collecting wagers on it. They have all of the upcoming games, races and sports listed.

Poker Tables and Live Dealers

The poker tables are always open for those that enjoy putting their cash down on a table and then working on their skill to win some cash back. If you're into playing poker with a live dealer, they are offering many games where you can sign up to become a player with the live dealer and then play over webcam with them. Many of the dealers are beautiful women that are trained to provide the cards to the players. It is well worth a look to see if this is the type of table games you can enjoy.

Reference the Casino's Blog and Forum for Further Information

For more information about the casino and playing the casino games, look into the forum that provides a way to speak with other casino players. Not only that, but the blog also provides tips and tricks for winning more cash while playing at the slots or the card game. Everyone can try to become a better player with the use of the forum and blog.

Accounts and Access

Your online user name and password as well as all your account information will remain just the same as it always has been. The home page for Bovada Casino will continue to feature all the various types of gambling the site has historically offered from sports betting to casino action and poker. You will also be able to bet on the ponies, just as Bodog has always provided. While the casino looks a bit different, it is still very easy to navigate, highly secure with regards to deposits and withdrawals and definitely geared to making your online gambling experience fun and exciting.

Gaming Options

Bovada Casino will continue to provide all the latest technology to allow you to play, access your account and place bets. This includes new mobile technology which can be loaded on to your smartphone or tablet. This is perfect for people that can't always get to a computer but want to be able to place wagers and enjoy online casino entertainment. Gamblers can enjoy a full casino download that is quick, simple and very easy to install or there is the choice to play the instant games that are in Flash format. The instant games don't require any download but all games are not available in this format. As with all great casinos there are constantly new games, changes in progressive totals and new sports betting opportunities that are posed on the casino home page. There is a handy toolbar at the top of the page that provides gamblers the option to read articles, check out the promotions and even browse through a casino game guide. With information on the over 120 different games offered on the site even experienced online gamblers can pick up a tip or two. There are slots of all types from classic three reels to the latest in video slots that have multiple additional games and features. While they don't have funky chicken slots you might want to try out Funky Monkey, which is always a popular slot to play. Table games include blackjack, roulette and Pai Gow Poker along with a host of others including the favorite Bodog Tri-Card Poker and the site also has specialty games and video poker. You will love the new look and the new website for Bovada Casino. It offers all your favorites from Bodog in a completely new and redesigned, highly player friendly format.

Check Out All Those Promotions

Bovada Casino is known for their many promotions that welcome one and all to come in and cash out on some extras while they are having a good time. This is something that so many make use of and make the most of. When you want to check out the casino, these promotions are going to be all that you need to get more out of the extras that are in hand. Not only that but with all of these promotions, even those that continue to play at the casino get more benefits and extras that come into their player's accounts. These extras can be put into your account through the cashier. Once they are there, you just have to go to the specific game and use them to your advantage. Once this is done, you will see how far just a little bit of money can go when you add it to your account. Promotions run throughout the entire year, every month, so make sure to find out which ones are running every month.

Do They Have New Slots?

The new slots that are offered are always announced through email and shoutouts on the website. Once this is done, you can find that they have many new slots that you can play throughout the year. If you like specific themes, you will then be able to make the most of the exciting extras that they bring. Sometimes these slots just stay and you can continue to play them throughout the year. These slots are something that is worth looking into when it comes down to making the most of the excitement that follows. These slots are ever-changing and they are something that you can think about using from time to time.

What are the Tournaments Like?

There are so many tournaments that you can make use of from time to time and when you are a part of Bovada Casino, you know you are able to get the most from the tournaments and the excitement that follows. With all that is out there, you can be sure that you are getting all that you need and want. You can actually cash in on much more when you are a part of the tournament. If you make it out on the top, then you know you're going to get more from what is being offered. You will find that this is one of the best ways to go about getting cash for the fun that you're having at the online casino.

Can You Get Extra Rewards?

Rewards are great and if you are a regular player at this casino, you can be sure that you sign up for the VIP program that allows you to get much more from the playing that you are doing. Bovada Casino welcomes one and all to sign up for this program. The more points you get, the higher you will be when it comes to the rewards that follow through with you. These are rewards that you want to keep playing with because they allow you to get a percentage of what is to come. This is a percentage that you want to make use of. Find out how good the VIP program is going to be when you sign up to become a member of it.

Instant Play is Definitely Offered

If you like to play but don't want to download anything to the computer or might not be playing on your own computer, then you need to think about using the instant play feature. This allows you to make use of the web page that pops up the casino right on the front and has you play the day away without having to download anything. The only difference is that you might not be able to cash out on all of the games that the full casino offers. They have many options though, which gives you plenty to do when the time comes to get more from the instant play and the fun that follows. Everyone is happy with the outcome and they know they are not filling their computer space up with things they don't need.

While on the Go Use the Mobile Casino

For anyone that is going to be on the go, you should know that using the mobile casino is the best way to go. You should always make the most use of the mobile section because they are the ones that will follow you. The graphics and games that are offered through Bovada Casino on their mobile section are much higher than those on some of the other casinos out there. They have high graphics and exciting themes. While again, their mobile section does not offer all of the games that the full online casino is able to offer, they still offer a decent amount for those that want to make sure that they are getting more from the mobile casino that they are playing on.

Bitcoin is Accepted Here

For anyone and everyone that wants to play on the casino of their choice, you can be sure that you're getting more out of the Bitcoin currency that you choose to use. If this is the currency of choice, then you will find that it is something that is easy to add to your account, especially for those that want to make more from it. You can win Bitcoin, just like you can deposit it into your account. The process is simple and easy to do. Take advantage of the benefits that come along with the most of the excitement, the Bitcoin, the slots machine and more. Take advantage of Bitcoin to the full extent when you are able to make use of the ability to use it for all of your online casino deposits.

Banking is Secure and Easy to Use

Banking is always secure and when you are putting your money into your account, you want to make sure that your personal and financial information is not being leaked out anywhere. This can be something worth thinking about because you don't want to worry about not being able to use the banking section of the online casino. However, Bovada Casino is a big name on the online market and due to this, they are using only the best in encryption software which makes depositing and withdrawing money easier than it can possibly be. Play with ease and confidence through the banking that is being done right on this online casino.

Support is Always Helpful and Friendly

Bovada Casino has one of the biggest support teams that are out there. The support teams are one of the best and they can answer any and all questions that you can think of. Whether they are big or small, you can be sure that you are getting the best support that you can possibly get from an online casino that knows how to answer questions. Use one of the many ways to contact them and find out more about their online casino. Additionally, if you have a specific question, they are knowledgeable and can provide you with the answer that you seek. There is no waiting and you always have fun within their casino, with the confidence and knowledge needed to actually win and walk away with your earnings.