Online Slot Machine and Real Casino Slot Machine

Start with the basics of playing slots and you will understand the major differences between an online slot machine and a real casino slot machine. Make no mistake about it; there are great reasons to play slots online and in the “live” casino. . Look at the features and benefits of each type. Slot machines started out as a mechanical item with a lever that was pulled down by the player. That is the origin of the term “one-armed bandit.” The most recent version of “live” casino machines is operated by a button that is pushed to start the reels spinning. Slots, as they are commonly called, detect how much money is deposited (coin, bills or electronic deposit). In recent years, slot machines have accounted for as much as $70 of every $100 in casino income.

Technology: A New Way to Play

Of course, technology has given us the video slot machine and, in later versions, the realistic appearance of slots on Web-based casinos. Video machines and online slots have no moving parts. The reels and other information are presented to the player on a screen. Players are enjoying and wagering on a computer game. This allows many more elements for the players to engage in. That is the significant difference between the online slot machine and the real casino slot machine. Of course, there is a whole lot more to getting the maximum out of your time online or in your favorite “live” casino. You may find more slot varieties on your Web-based casino. Some of the top sites offer 150 to 200 different slot varieties. Though the initial development of Internet slot play was time-consuming and rather expensive, the latest versions can be created with some of the original software programming as a foundation. Creative game developers are free to use their imaginations to come up with new themes, new graphics etc.

Online or Real: Have it Both Ways

There are some similarities with the machines on the casino floor. Much of the technology can remain the same and game developers can create new games, screen graphics and sounds. Machines in “live” casinos generally cost around $10,000 to $11,000. Some industry studies show that online slots pay out 95 percent or more, while casino machines may pay slightly less. Slot-machine fanatics may find that both the online slot machine and the real casino slot machine satisfy their desire for fun and profit. You don’t have to choose one to the exclusion of the other. Why not enjoy both? Try to play at one of the bests online casino slots: Cleopatra Slots, Real Deal Slots, Bird Of Paradise Slots, Independence Day Slots, Tomb Rider Slots and Dennis Rodman Slots