Cash Slots

Today slots is such a wide term that you have to really know what you want before you enter into a slots game. Luckily there are many casinos and slots games that you can play for fun before you place real money bets. Or, if you are a regular player but not sure about certain games, you can always choose the tournament slots options which allow you to play your favorite slots for a very low entry fee but give you the chance to win some really handsome amounts of money.

A Brief History of Slots

Slots date back over a hundred years to a garage where a man called Charles Fey invented the first slots machine. Then slots did not pay out money but rather prizes, in later years, these types of Slot Machines became known to be award with prizes machines, AWP and some are still known as that today. It did not take long for the creators of slots machines to realize that cash and money is what players wanted and the prizes were soon replaced with coins which over the years grew in value. Today if you choose to play slots online, the awards or winnings as they are more commonly known can reach astounding amounts.

Immediate Results from Cash Slots

Cash slots are slot machine games that can be played online or in land based casinos which offer very low coin value inputs but high value payouts. All of the payouts are immediate, meaning that the outcome of the game is immediate and you know whether you have won or lost within seconds. There are a number of types of different slot machines which offer different bonuses, free spins and even prizes. The three reel slots are considered to be the classic slot which often offers 1 main payline and some other subsequent paylines of configurations. Usually coin values can be quite high but the maximum number of coins that can be bet is 3 to 5. Some three reel slots games offer bonus trails and extras that include nudges and holds where you have a chance to win even more money. Play three reel cash Slots!

Video Slots with Every Type of Theme and Bonus Game

Five reel or video slots are the modern version of the original slot machines which let you play themed games with multi paylines. There are numerous variations of these types of slots which feature scatter and wild symbols that can help and contribute to your winnings. Free spins, bonus games on separate screens, multipliers and pick and choose winning symbols all contribute to making these games extremely popular and fun to play. There are now video slots with 5 reels like Cleopatra Slot and slots that instead of offering set paylines, offer winning ways for different configurations. Interactive slots or i- slots as they are more commonly known are slots games that have a progressive interactive story throughout on different levels that players work their way through. Another new type of video slot is the team slot where you play the same game with up to 5 team members and winnings are split between you.

Progressive Slots Jackpot Possibilities

Both 3 reel and 5 Reel Slots have variations that include progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is the result of a number of players from many different casinos playing the same game and a portion of their bets is paid into the jackpot. The progressive jackpot is awarded when a certain winning line is achieved or in the case of a random progressive jackpot, it can be awarded at any time at the end of a spin. Another feature of some slots which can greatly increase your winnings is the gamble feature at the end of each win, where you are given the chance to double or quadruple your winnings by choosing between the color of cards and the suit of cards presented to you on a new screen. Our famous progressive slots are: Mega Moolah Slots, Jackpot Piñatas Slots, and Mega Money Mine Slots.

Practice Makes Perfect with Tournament Play

Many slots games ( 20,000 leagues Slots, Deal or Not deal Slots, Cupids Arrow Slots, Tomb Rider Slots, Thunderstruck Slots just a name of few) are available at online casinos for tournament play which gives you the chance to play games at very low cost. Whether you choose to download or play directly from the casino web browser at an instant casino, the quality of the games and graphics is astounding and most of them are accompanied by clear digital sound. US players are welcome at many slots games and with the fantastic payment options that are available and are almost immediate, you can be playing slots for cash within minutes and winning cash in even less time.