Shopping Spree Slots

Shopping Spree is one of the most exciting video slots on the market right now, because it offers some of the biggest prizes found anywhere. And we're not just talking about cash prizes either.

Apart from huge piles of coin (the jackpots average at upwards of $100,000), you could also win a sports car in the color of your choice, and (like it says in the title) a shopping spree in New York City, all expenses paid.

This makes it one of the more interesting slots, because you're playing for more than just cash.

How to Shop

Despite the massive features of this excellent video slot game, it's surprisingly easy to play because at its heart it is a 5 reel video slot title. The strategy is quite simple - load up with coins, spin the reels, and try to get a winning combination when they land.

To aid you in this quest, you can activate up to 9 pay lines to give you more chances of winning on each spin.

Because the game's top prize is a progressive jackpot that can literally grow into the millions, it's worth playing on max bet, because you only qualify for the progressive jackpot if the game is maxed out.

Window Shopping

The game is full of images of things you might like to buy - if you're a woman, that is. Look out for floral bouquets, bottles of perfume, tubes of lipstick, handbags, shoes and the like.

Be on the lookout for the golden dollar signs, because these act as Scatter symbols - if three or more of them appear anywhere on the reels (they don't need to line up) you win a multiple of whatever you're currently betting.

Five diamond rings in a row will win you the Super Jackpot, which is your choice of a $100,000 sports car or $100,000 in cash: you choose.

Bonus Goodies

If three Mystery Grab Bag icons appear anywhere on the five reels (again, they don't need to line up), you'll be taken through to the Mystery Grab Bag game. In this game, you're presented with a grid of 16 question marks.

Click them to reveal random amounts of cash. You keep clicking and accumulating cash bonuses until you uncover a golden X, which ends the bonus round, and you get to keep all of the cash you've uncovered up to that point.

Where to go Shopping

If the lure of the potentially million dollar progressive jackpot has got you, then click over to Bovada Casino, where you will find all the Shopping Spree action you can handle, and many more bodogslots besides.