Dim Sum Prize Slots

This Chinese-themed game has an oriental twist to a delicious meal that many enjoy. If you are someone who loves dim sum and tasty extras from that favorite Chinese restaurant of yours, then this might be the best place to find yourself having fun. Those looking for something different and new can find themselves spinning within this fun slot machine game. Learning more about all that it provides to players is a great way to get up and get the best spins when needed. We have all the information on the Dim Sum Prize Slots here.

Who is the Maker of the Dim Sum Slots?

Those who make the games put in a lot of hard work to make them likable by players. Some software companies do better jobs than others, and players might have a favorite to play with. The Dim Sum Prize Slots is made by Betsoft, who is a long-standing, quality slot machine software company. They provide clear graphics with clear sounds with each spin that you make. It is definitely a great way to spin and win when you are spending some time on the slots. Always know that gameplay is smooth and consistent when you are playing any Betsoft games.

How About Those Symbols?

The symbols that come around the board make a difference in how much you actually like playing the game. Some symbols definitely pay more than others, and wilds are ones that might even open up bonus rounds. Some other slots have card symbols, this one does not. This is different because the classic card symbols generally do not pay out more and do not have a significant opening rate for any of the bonus rounds.

However, some symbols are themed to this slot machine, which makes it even more fun. The themed symbols are Chinese dishes, coupons, and teapot. These are very simple, and there are not many, so you don't have to worry about not being able to get the best possible outcome from the symbols that come around the board. Use these symbols to not only get some of the largest payouts when you line them up in all of the lines. The bonus rounds are something that pop up randomly when you play.

Dim Sum Bonus Rounds with More Food

The bonus rounds that open up and show you how to get even more money into your account are just as fun as playing the main slot machine game. With two different bonus rounds that can be played, there is a great chance to win even more cash into your account or even some free spins depending on the feature and payout that you choose to get.

The Crimson Coupon Free Games Feature is what is going to provide not only a small amount of money but also can provide you with free spins when you go to play the games. Don't worry about not being able to grab some extras when you sign up for more. Just line up the coupon symbols in the game, and you can open up this fun bonus round.

The Re-Spin Feature is another bonus round that the game offers. When you open up this round, you can win some free spins by automatically re-spinning any of the spins that you do on the game. You won't have to pay for these free spins, but you can win some extra spins or some money into your account.

Are You Ready for All of the Food Offerings Here?

If you are ready to check out all that this slot machine has to offer, especially if you're a lover of Chinese food and Dim Sum that comes along with it, then this 5-reel, bonus, video slot machine might be the best one for you to spin and win at. With a high popularity score, you can be sure that you might even love playing here. Play with friends or keep this game for yourself. With coin sizes that range from just $0.01 all the way up to $1, you know you're getting the best payout when the time comes. This is always a good feeling. Play all 25 pay lines at a max bet of $25 with just one coin per line, so make sure to max out your bet or play something comfortable for you. Remember, the more you bet, the more you can win.

Have a good time when playing here and try to win, then welcome to the slot machine that provides the excitement and more that you want. You never have to worry about a thing because you have everything you need and more. Sign up with the online casino and get into this and other slot machines offering fun.