Sheriff vs. Bandits Slots

If you're an outlaw looking for a good time, you've come to the right place. You can ensure that you're getting the excitement that you need out of a slot that wants you to spin and win. The sheriff is out there getting all of the bad guys and if you're someone looking for a good time, then see what else you can grab from the slots that are offering even more.

A Look Inside the Theme

If you're looking for a good time, then this theme brings excitement to you. You can check out the five reels and ten paylines that come together. This can open up many different fun opportunities for you to win when you spin with them. Get a 96% payout when you're playing this slot, making it a high-paying slot game. Themed like the Wild West, you can expect to find both the Sheriff and the Bandits running around the board.

Placing Your Bets

Those ready to place your bets, then you want to know how you're able to go about doing this. Bet as low as a cent and as high as $50 on one payline at a time. You're only allowed to bet one coin per line, with coin ranges from 0.01 to 5.0. The max coins jackpot is up at 500 and max coins are up to 10. Place them on one of the 10 fixed paylines offered.

What Symbols You Can Find

There are many symbols that you can watch out for when you're a part of this casino. Of course, since it is a Wild West theme, you can find the Wanted posters, train, bonus sheriff star, saloon, store, sheriff, and the classic card symbols that are normally found within a slot game. You have a bit of everything in this exciting slot taking you for the gold.

The Many Bonuses You're Offered

The sheriff himself is the highest-paying symbol and also the wild one, so you want to keep an eye out for this. Those who land on three or more scatter symbols can win some free spins. This opens up one of two feature games inside the slot.

The play for the sheriff feature is the best one that allows you to win up to 50 free spins when you play. This is where you use the lasso to catch the bad guys. If you want something a bit trickier, then you can check out the play for bandits feature. This will help you land on the wild, and if you do, you get to match up to 4x the amount you'd win.

Sign Up with Sheriff vs. Bandits

If you're ready to get more, then now is the time to do so. You can take advantage of the extras that are out there, but when it comes to spinning and winning, they really have you covered. You should feel good about signing up once you've ready for the excitement that is waiting for you. Cash out now with the Sheriff vs. Bandits Slots.