Monster Pop Slots

The slots that are out there might not be as exciting as they once were when you started playing at the slots. Whatever the case, the Monster Pop Slots are the newest slots and they are promising you a good time. This is always a pleasant time for everyone. If you are looking for a slot machine that provides colorful fun, exciting times, and silly characters then this would be the slot machine for you to start spinning and playing on.

Monster Pop Slots is a five-reel, classic slot machine game that you can make the most of. Not only that, but since the slot machine is made by Betsoft, you know you're going to be playing in a quality slot machine game. With a max bet of $250, you won't get rich quick but you can put down some pretty decent sized bets.

The Graphics and Game Play

There are a number of graphics that come with any slot machine, but before you start to play them, you need to make sure they are going to provide the best possible playtime for you. Betsoft is great at providing quality software for those who love playing in slot machines. This is always a great thing to think about. You want to make the most of the slots you play at, and with the graphics offered at Monster Pop Slots, you can continue to have a good time with the clear graphics and crisp sounds that go along with them.

Learning More About Those Symbols

There are a number of symbols in this game, just like with any of the other slot machine games that you come across. However, you need to only take advantage of certain symbols since these are the ones that are going to pay out the most.

The flaming sphere, monsters and the wild symbol that comes around the reels are all pieces of the slot machine that you want to make sure that you pay attention to. The colorful monsters are really going to catch your attention but those rainbow-colored wilds are what comes around the board and activate the line to actually pay out a decent amount. This is also a great way to get more spins and get more money.

Bonus Gameplay and Extras Given

Those who are looking for bonuses and extras when playing slot machines are in luck. The Monster slots offer players a way to cash in on those extras that come along with playing at the slots. When you line up those wilds, you can unlock the Monster Fury Feature. This will make the board spin, and then you are given a random prize such as a coin amount or extra spins. There is also another bonus feature, the Monster Cloner Feature that is also fun to play and try to get. You just have to line up all of the same monsters in a line. Once you do, you are then able to cash out with the extras that come with this bonus game.

Take the time to check this game out for yourself, because you might be surprised at just how exciting the slots can be. Plus, colorful monsters might just be a great way to pass the time and make you smile a bit more. The Monsters want you to stop in and have a good time with them. They welcome one and all, and even if you want to bet a penny at first, that is okay. The smallest bet is a penny and you can go up to a couple of hundred dollars! Have fun and win big!