Viking Voyage Slots

Viking Voyage Slots

If you're coming along for a ride, then this is the ship you want to find yourself on. The vikings are there to provide you with a great trip and to show you the ropes of being a viking alongside them and being able to show everyone around you who the boss is. This is what you want when it comes to sailing the seas and taking charge of everyone you come across. This video slot machine is one that welcomes one and all to come in and spend some time playing in the vikings ship and being able to be a part of what you can get when you're sailing the seven seas. If you are ready to spin the reels on the 20 paylines and 5 reel slot machine. The bonus and video part of this slot is what brings the most fun to the table. You can find that this is where you are able to enjoy the slots and the fun that comes from spinning the reels. The voyages that you head out on are going to be a bit rocky when you sit on the ship and sail out to the ocean ahead. When this is something that you have to do, then it is something that you want to make the most use out of. Are you ready to sail? We know we are!

The Software Company Making the Vikings Come to Life

Introduced to the gaming world by Betsoft, so many were excited to see a game that was crafted by one of the master companies in this industry. Welcoming one and all to come out and enjoy all that comes from these slots, you can find that voyage you have been waiting for while benefiting from being a part of the voyage alongside them while riding along on the sea. Betsoft is a great name to play games under, and it is one that you want to make sure you're being a part of when you choose a game to spend some time playing on.

Those Symbols and Extras Provided

The symbols that you find here are what you need to pay attention too while playing mostly because you want to be the one that is able to spend a little time searching through the many options that they are providing you with. When you line up the right symbols, the payouts are always larger than if you line up a few of the symbols that don't actually go together. Just like with many of the other slots that you come across and play in, the classic card symbols are those that you are not going to get a large payout with when you land on them. There are also special symbols that you can find on the board, such as the battle axes, the vikings, the warrior king, goblets, helmets and more. When it comes to getting the most from what is being provided, you can find that these are the symbols you want to land on. These are the ones that you are going to get paid the larger amounts with. Of course, they can also be the ones that open up the Free Spins feature or bonus that comes along with this Betsoft game, making it a great choice to go with for those that want something that pays a decent amount.

How About the Viking Bonuses

The bonus is not a large one, but it is still a feature that you want to make sure that you are checking into the extras that are out there. With the right bonus, you can check out what comes with the use of the slots. The bonus that is opened up with the viking wilds is just a free spins bonus. You can win up to 20 free spins when you land on the right mix of symbols. Once this is done, you can then cash in on these and spin away. Any money that you get from these free spins is yours to keep, so it is free cash in your player account. Take the information that is needed when the time comes. You want to make sure that you're getting the most out of the time you spend in the game. You want to have a viking good time and this is one of the best ways to go about doing so. You can then feel good about what comes along with the excitement that follows after this. Check out the vikings and slots for your enjoyment.