Tales of Time Travel Slots

Step into the shoes of a scientist who’s cracked the code to time travel and explore the past as a curious time traveler in Tales of Time Travel the online slot from Saucify. We love the theme of this slot game and the way that the symbols are drawn as well. Down below is a full writeup of the game and the features and prize payouts it offers. We break down what’s to love about this slot and what’s not so great about it and all that information should help gamblers decide if this slot is the one for them or not.

Demo the Game

This slot game is designed with a built-in demo mode that gamblers can use to test out the different features that are included. This is an exciting inclusion that’s not available on all the slot games that you’ll see today. Many slots avoid offering something like a demo mode so that players have to spend money to try the games out. You can decide if you like this game or not and then start wagering on it with real money after testing it out for free. That’s the power of this slot’s design.

A Uniquely Themed Video Slot Game

Saucify created a pretty basic video slot game when they made Tales of Time Travel. The theme of the game is a good one and shows off symbols from different time periods just as if you were traveling through time as a scientist that created your own time machine. The symbols look really nice and have a more realistic design to them even though they are cartoons. The backdrop of the slot is very nice as well and set over top of an industrialized London. Even though the gameplay of this slot is very basic, the theme and style of the game help make it into something worth playing and that’s what Saucify did very well with this game.

A Decent Bet Range

Wagering in this slot game is a bit confusing, but by adjusting three different values you can increase or decrease your wager amount. You’ll have to choose how much your coins are worth, how many coins you can place on a line and also how many active paylines you want with each spin. Coin values can be set at between $0.01 and $0.25 each. You can have between 1 and 5 coins per payline and between 1 and 40 paylines active for each spin. With all those numbers you can adjust your wager from a low of just $0.01 to a high of $50.00. That’s good enough for most gamblers out there and with three sets of wager controls, you can get a very accurate bet amount every single time. The downside to the setup is that wagering is more time-consuming than it is with some other games, and it’s more difficult to do as well.

A Stale Paytable

This slot doesn’t offer anything special for prizes on its paytable. Prizes are small in size and uninspiring. If you get a win during a standard round the most you can hope to walk away with is 2000x the line bet amount which isn’t all that much. The rest of the prize payouts are significantly lower in size. You’ll be relying on the double high wild symbol to get you plenty of prize wins to help make up for the smaller payouts offered with this game.

Scatters for Free Spins

With three or more scatter symbols you’ll unlock the free spin bonus round of this slot game. That gives you a total of between 7 and 14 free spins to go through. All the prizes paid out during those free spins are doubled in size, leaving you with some exciting payouts that will give you a reason to keep playing this slot. It’s possible to re-trigger this bonus while on a free spin and you’ll unlock the same number of free spins that you would have if you were spinning the reels normally.

The Maximum Win is Just Okay

Every slot has a maximum amount of money that it will pay out to its luckiest player. In this game that payout is just over $25,000 if you’re wagering the maximum amount of money to play. That just isn’t good enough in our opinion compared to other slots out there offering hundreds of thousands in prizes for similar wagers. If you want to win a huge prize this slot isn’t the right option, but it isn’t bad for players just looking to get frequent prize wins. You’ll have to decide what sort of player you are before deciding if this is the right game for you or not.

We Tried it on Mobile

We thoroughly tested Tales of Time Travel on our mobile phones and tablets throughout the office and were impressed to see that the game runs just as smooth as ever on these devices as it did on other products. If you want to take the game with

Swap Between Spending Real Money and Playing for Fun

Some gamblers just play for entertainment while others play to win real life prizes. No matter which type of player you are, you can easily swap between both play options in just moments when you want to switch things up. If you’re trying to warm up before playing a real money session of the slot you can start off in fun play mode and quickly swap over to playing for cash when you’re ready. It’s just as easy to swap in the other direction as well so you can keep playing even if you’ve lost too much real money to carry on wagering with cash.

Tales of Time Travel isn’t very innovative as far as gameplay goes, and it doesn’t pay out large prizes, but it features a cool theme that still helps it to stand out. We liked the theme enough to make this whole review and we would recommend the slot to any gambler that likes the theme as well. The game isn’t too bad to play and for many people, that’s enough. Players that need big prizes or loads of features will grow tired of the game after some time though, which is why we only gave it a 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. It’s decent but not the best game out there by any means.