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The excitement of gambling in a casino is a thrill that many people find to be unparalleled. Throwing the dice or spinning the reels, risking a fairly small bet at high odds, and taking the chance to make thousands! It is alluring.

Sadly, there are relatively few places where players can go to play, and many devoted players are thousands of miles from the nearest legal gambling facility. What are they to do? For a long time the answer was to take an annual road trip to Atlantic City or Las Vegas or, for the very fortunate among us, to Monaco to have a weekend binge of gambling excitement, only to go through a dry spell for a year until the next road trip.

Then, in 1997, Microgaming came onto the scene, introducing a brand new concept: the Internet casino. This was a huge development for devoted players – they could now gamble legally in remote locations where gambling was legal, but from the comfort of their own homes.

Since 1997, numerous casino platforms have been developed worldwide by software developers wanting to jump on this lucrative bandwagon, and much of the software available is fantastic. Brilliant new developers are working on interesting and beautiful new games on a regular basis, constantly improving the industry.

The top casino software, however, is not just about pretty games and great graphics. It must also be about high levels of security, both for the players’ personal information and their money. It is about easy banking features, making it easy for players to fund their gambling accounts, and to cash out their winnings. And, more than anything else, it is about offering stellar levels of customer service to customers at any time of day or night. The top casino software platforms are built to support all this and more.

Three online casino platforms, however, have distinctly risen to the top and are dominant in this very competitive market. Microgaming, the granddaddy of all online casinos, is still at the top of the heap. Right beside them are Vegas Technology and Real Time Gaming.


Octopus Gaming - Pragmatic PlayAt the time of this writing, TopGame is the force behind about ten online casinos, which seems like a small number. Those casinos, however, are among the most desirable casinos in the world, offering a wide variety of bonuses, a huge variety of the best games, as many banking options as any player needs, and high levels of security and customer service. TopGame caters both to old-time gamblers who want nothing more complex than a traditional three-reel slot machine, offered in fantastic high-definition detail, and to players who have grown up on the X-Box, and who crave rich and interactive side games. Slot, table and specialty games of every type are available at TopGame casinos.

TopGame also offers numerous banking options, stellar levels of security and 24/7 online support. Chat features allow communication with their always-available help desk as well as interaction with fellow players at the tables.

In short, TopGame is at the top for excellent reasons.

Real Time Gaming

Real Time GamingUnderstanding that progressive gaming was the wave of the future, Real Time Gaming got started with that early on, and they have since set the bar. Real Time Gaming casinos are known particularly for their progressive tournaments where many thousands or even millions of dollars are passed to players on a regular basis. Like the Lottery, the potential for a big jackpot is the greatest lure for online casinos, and the progressive games provide that lure.

Big jackpots, however, are not the only part of Real Time Gaming’s reputation. As all the top casinos do, Real Time Gaming submits their random number generators to independent outside review on a regular basis, assuring players that the games are truly random and truly fair. The security integral in Real Time casinos is among the very best in the casino industry. Read our Real Time Gaming review


MicrogamingLocated on the Isle of Mann, an independent British protectorate in the British Isles, Microgaming has set the benchmark for openness in their practices, their standards of quality and their world class customer service. Microgaming has been at the forefront of online gaming since the inception, and they have been able to stay in that position for three very good reasons: a sterling reputation, the very highest standards of quality and the some of the best customer service in the industry. Not only do they subject their own software to independent scrutiny, they are also the force behind eCOGRA, an organization that scrutinizes other casino products as well, guaranteeing the randomness of number generators and the true fairness of games. Like the other top casino platforms, they are now set up for live online chat help at any time, day or night. Microgaming will continue to be at the forefront of the online gaming business for decades to come.

Read our Microgaming Review.


The top three casino platforms got there for a reason, and if you choose a casino that makes use of one of these, you cannot go wrong. They have survived in this adversarial market for many years and they have risen to the top for excellent reasons, and when you are playing at these casinos you can be assured of fairness and quality at every turn. If you ever have any questions about games, banking or procedures, you always have immediate access to their help lines. These companies are truly the best.