Track and Field Mouse Slots

Track and Field Mouse slots is not a game for the faint hearted. At first glance it may look relatively simple and innocent to play with its 6 fruited symbols but that is just a warm up for the big trail. Track and Field Mouse slots is what is known as an AWP fruit machine game, it is a simple three reel one payline slots game with an incredible bonus trail that can award you up to 500x your bet. Considering that bets can range from $1 to $10, you can work it out for yourself.

Three Games in One

There are three different levels to choose from when playing Track and Field mouse and these are related to the medal table system, gold, silver and bronze. Obviously it is best to choose the gold game as you stand to win more money but you can also lose more so those of us who are more cautious or have a lower bankroll may choose the silver or bronze games. In the initial spins of the reels, the 6 symbols that spin include a mouse. The mouse is constantly in search of free spins and multipliers. The trail in fact appears on the screen under the reels and depending on what you land will depend on how far along the trail you get.

Shifta. Even a Loser is a Winner

In addition to the trail which is populated by free spins and Olympic symbols, nudges, holds and super nudges are randomly awarded. Track and Field Mouse also has a very unique feature known as Shifta. After a losing spin, the computer can randomly award a win by shifting the reels down until there is a winning line. SO even if you are a loser, you can end up being a winner. There are in fact between one to fifty free spins up for grabs in addition to bonus payouts, the higher being 5000 coins in the gold level.

Use Skill and Luck and Get a Good Workout

Because you can use nudges and holds to work your way around the bonus trail, this game is considered a slots game that requires skill as well as luck. Thankfully casinos like 32Red Casino offer the chance to practice Track and Field mouse before you jump in and place real money bets. This is a great introduction to any slots game and one that you can definitely benefit from when playing slots. Track and Field mouse is animated and exciting with vivid colors and plenty of sporting actions, so you may be sitting in front of the computer playing but you are still most definitely taking part in some great sports fun and aiming for gold!