Wealth Spa Slots

Head to the spa with Microgaming’s great new game, Wealth Spa Slots! While it may not be the path to financial health, it will certainly give you a fun and excitement workout. Wealth Spa Slots is a five reel 20 payline game with great graphics and animations and loads of free spins and side games to keep the action going.

Spa Images

From the opening animation it is evident that the theme to Wealth Spa is going to be that of a not-terribly-serious health spa. The graphics and animations are fun and lighthearted and will keep those of us who fight the battle with weight laughing hard.

The symbols used in Wealth Spa include the images of a classic health spa. Folded robes, spa patrons in hot tubs, massage beds and the like all populate the Wealth Spa. A gold “W” token appears on reel 5, and those can open one of five witty and fun side games.

Spa Games

Not one, but five side games are accessible in the Wealth Spa. The side games are as follows:

  • Smoothie Bonus – Players concoct their own health beverage with varying ingredients contributing varying amounts of money to the pot.
  • Hot Stone Bonus – The next phase of bonus games is the Hot Stone Bonus where players choose the stones they want, each adding to the bonus reward.
  • Body Wax Game – This does not sound like fun, but this time enduring a body wax has some lush rewards, so go smooth!
  • Bath Oil Bonus Game – The player selects vials of bath oil in this one for the bonus bucks.
  • Free Spins! – The fifth and final bonus round is a bunch of free spins, the number determined by the game play. Up to 25 free spins may be awarded and they may compound or win other side games while they are spinning.

Wealth Spa Rates

The coin values at Wealth Spa range only from 1¢ to 5¢, which is not much compared to most current slot games. A maximum number of coins played, however, is 400, which makes up for the limited coin values.

The big jackpot is 5000 coins, and the secondary jackpot is 2000 coins, which defines Wealth Spa as a game suitable more for casual play than for high-rollers.

Spa Impressions

Overall, Wealth Spa Slots is a well designed, good looking and easily played game that incorporates really entertaining side games into a simple and easy to understand format. While the range of coin values is limited, it will appeal to the vast majority of online slot game players, and the rewards are suitable to the bets being placed.

Spend a Night at the Spa!

Get comfortable in your favorite gaming location and spin the reels on Wealth Spa Slots tonight!It is a relaxing part of your overall wealth regimen.

If you are not a previously registered US player, try one of the many US friendly casinos online. While they may not have a Wealth Spa available to you, you can get lots of great reel spinning fun at places like Silver Dollar Casino, Bodog Slots and VIP Slots Casino.