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3D Slots

To capture the sophisticated online slot play market, slot games have had to evolve to take advantage of high-definition computer screens, and all of the major casino developers have gone this direction, though Rival is still the dominant one. The best way to really show off those HD screens is by employing rich 3D graphics. We are not talking about the type of 3D where the viewer has to use glasses to see it, but rather the type that composes really fine animations and movie graphics. It builds the illusion that the viewer is looking into the computer screen at an object.
Here are some of the great 3D Slots that players should not miss:

BetSoft 3D Slots for USA players

All those 3D Slots are able to play at Betonline casino and flash oriented Drake Casino

Rival 3D Slots for Non USA players

Dog Ca$he

Dog Ca$her 3D Slots tells the tale (tail?) of a wee little rich doggy who is tired of the spoilt life, so hits the road. The graphics are truly stunning. There is an opening movie section, and when players score bonus rounds and extra free spins, there are more. Despite being a slot game, this photorealistic graphics make this one feel as though you are watching a movie. Find and Play at : This Is Vegas Casino, Box24 Casino

French Cuisine

Without saying so, due, we are sure, to licensing agreements, French Cuisine 3D Slots game is highly reminiscent of the Disney/Pixar movie, Ratatouille. And, like that movie, the look of this game is stunningly beautiful. Images of Paris are better than the real thing, and the cooks and the genius rats are hysterical. Combine those beautiful looks with a truly creative bonus round, and loads of free spins with generous multipliers, and you have a winning combination. As with most Rival games, this is aimed at the middle-to-low-risk audience – it is by no means a high-rollers game, but it plays excellently. Find and Play at : Golden Cherry Casino

Shangri La

Shangri-La 3D Slots revolves around an asian mystic theme combined with a whole lot of adventure in far-away land with fellow named Mr. Fu. Shangri-La. Mr. Fu. Shangri-La mainly revolves around Mr. Fu and his powers to guard the sacred temple. Find and play at : Pantasia Casino, This is Vegas Casino

Crazy Jewelry

If fantasies of beautiful get your heart moving a bit faster, and if they don’t, you are certainly not a woman, this is the game for you! The renderings of beautiful gems and gold are really impressive, as are the jackpots. The bonus round is so exciting that it will accelerate your heart-rate and get you hyperventilating a little bit. This is a beautiful game, and, again, as Rival slots tend to be, it is an affordable one. Find and play at: Superior Casino

Dr. Magoo’s Adventure

If your brand of adventure involves African exploration through dense jungles, Dr. Magoo may be the companion you need to find the lost gold! Dr. Magoo’s Adventure is a wonderful slot game with a gorgeous rendering. The character of Dr. Magoo lounges statically on the left side of the screen most of the time, but, periodically, outside the spinning reels, he gets up and gestures in support of the player, or in frustration. It is quite funny throughout. Find and play at: Golden Cherry Casino

Beretta's Vendetta

Beretta's Vendetta 3D Slots is a serious action story. Unlike Rival’s other 3D slot games, this is not a funny or cute story, but it is a truly gritty police thriller. The player is tasked with diffusing a series of bombs that are planted at banks throughout the city. In order to diffuse a bomb, the right combination has to be hit on the slot game. This is a very adult and very tense game that will suck players in and keep them playing for hours. Find and play at: Mayan Fortune Casino, Slots of Fortune Casino.


Fortune of Pharaohs

Another awesome opening movie followed by stunning graphics makes this yet another that totally shows off your HD monitor. This time Fortune of Pharaohs 3D Slots game is the ever popular ancient Egyptian theme, but instead of simple cartoonish renderings as is typical in this type of game, rich 3D imagery fills the screen. This is truly breathtaking. Find and play at: Cocoa Casino, Paradise 8 Casino

The McMurphy's

This is a quirky slot game the theme of which is a sit-com style family. As can be expected from Rival games, the play is fantastic, and the side-game is truly side-splittingly funny. The graphics are rich, and very funny on this one, and the jackpots are generous. Find and play at: Vegas Days Casino