Mega Moolah Slots

It sometimes really does seem as if the people that are interested in slot machines have tastes that are so diverse that many of the different slots companies need to make slot machines that are equally as diverse. This is not actually the case as many studies have shown, but the presence of the variety of slot machines is there nevertheless and the initial reception that a particular slot machine game receives can easily mean the difference between it being profitable and un-profitable over the long term. Mega Moolah Slots is relatively new into the marketplace (less than a year old in fact), but at the same time what you are going to find is that a lot of people love it because of the different aspects of it that are very easy to like.

The Mega Moolah Slot Machine

The actual slot machine itself has a video theme that is very similar to an African Jungle, so that if you are a fan of The Lion King or in fact ended up liking the movie, you will probably also like the parts of this machine that deal with the graphics that it gives off. In addition to that however, what you are going to find is that the Mega Moolah Slots machine is a progressive jackpot slot machine that has a number of interesting aspects to it such as the automated spin function that you can use if you want to play the same number of coins and same coin denomination each turn. There are three reels to Mega Moolah Slots machine that result in over twenty pay lines; most of which are shown right there on the screen.

Special Features of Mega Moolah Slots

The special features for Mega Moolah Slots machine are similar to the ones that you would find on other video slot machines, starting with the wild card symbol. This wild card symbol substitutes for any other symbol the game has and therefore can be used to allow you to win during rounds where you normally would not be victorious. In addition to the wild card symbols, there are also scatter symbols that allow you to change the winning conditions and also that multiply the amount you win based on the number of scatter symbols that actually appear on the spin.

In addition to wild card symbols and scatter symbols, you will also get the chance at various points during the game to win free spins; 15 to be exact. When you win anything during the free spins that are used, that amount of money is automatically tripled so you cash in big time during the free spins that you get. You can also win additional free spins during free spins periods, although the amount of free spins you win does not get tripled. Because of the progressive nature of the jackpot, there is no bonus round in this game.