Choose The Ideal Microgaming Slot To Play

Most slot players have probably tried a Microgaming slot now and then. This is a huge games provider with over 300 slots to its name - and rising all the time. That means you are sure to find some excellent titles to try from this brand. However, it also means you might struggle to narrow the immense field you can choose from.

We've suggested some ways you can do just that. Read on to find out how to make it happen.

Go on images first

Every slot game is represented by an image. This will include the logo for the game and sometimes other images as well. You can see the title, perhaps some characters, and maybe the setting too.

This is a fast way to spot a game that looks good to play. You can easily see how complex a game might be by looking at its graphics. You might also be able to tell how old a game is. For instance, if you compare the Big 5 slot to the Avalon II slot, you will notice a marked difference between them.

Try a game based on a famous TV series or movie

There are a few of these in the Microgaming collection. One of our favorites is Bridesmaids, partly thanks to the huge collection of clips, bonuses, and other great features to play. You can also try Game of Thrones, the original Jurassic Park slot, and Highlander. Maybe one of those would be the ideal introduction to the world of Microgaming slots.

Pick something that is the opposite of your usual choice

Does this sound odd? We think this is a great way to give yourself the chance to play something different. We don't often play three-reel slots, other than to review them for our site, but we have played a few we have come to love. You might do the same.

Whatever you usually avoid, or whichever game doesn't usually appeal, make sure you check it out today. Microgaming has some impressive games in its 300-strong collection, so you are sure to find a few surprises in there you weren't expecting.

Even if Microgaming doesn't turn out to be your favorite provider of slots, we cannot imagine you won't find a few favorites in there. Check out their games today and see whether there are any you would like to play again.