Bovada Casino Leaderboards

The Leaderboards promotion has taken off at Bovada Casino and it is a very popular one. The casino has streamlined the process tournaments making it easier to join and participate. Casino players will only have to use the search tool for the Leaderboards tournaments to find the next event that will interest them.

How Leaderboards Work

The process is actually very straightforward. Bovada casino members will only have to sign in and navigate to the Leaderboards area of the casino. They will be able to view tournaments happening today or see the results so far. There is also the option to view the full schedule of upcoming leaderboards to join. You will only have to search for one and join it. Players will then see the leaderboard open and launch on their computer or device.

For any Leaderboard you join, you will be able to collect points in addition to competing for the tournament prizes. Points will also be awarded and with a minimum one point just for spinning the reels. There are 5 points for a winning spin. However big win, mega wins, and epic wins up to 50x the wager may receive up to 25 points. The more you play, the more points you collect, these points can then be converted into a prize.

You will also not have to worry as the prizes are not hidden. Each leaderboards participant will be able to see what prizes are available beyond the regular winning amounts. Keep in mind that each leaderboard event will have its only prizes. Bovada Casino has also recreated these promotions with specific conditions that must be achieved. The conditions for participation are fully laid out when you enter any one of the Leaderboards. Just like the leaderboards of the past, it is still possible to see your positions during and after the tournaments.

Example of a Leaderboard

One of the current Leaderboards at Bovada Casino has A Night With Cleo Slots as the featured game. The tournament event occurs for up to 15 minutes. Players will have the condition to spin A Night With Cleo reels a minimum one time. The first place prize is $20, the second place is $15, and the third place prize is $10. Players will have to spend a minimum $0.20 for each spin. The prize money will appear automatically inside the casino account of winners, and there is a 5x playthrough requirement for this winning money. Some of the other featured games with Leaderboard events are Fast & Sexy Slots and Blackjack.

Join a Leaderboard

All members of this online casino may participate in this ongoing promotion. You can join in Bovada Casino Leaderboards and grab some of the fun and prizes for yourself!