Casino Slot Games

We've all seen the cliché in movies and on television of the little old lady who will take you out if you get between her and her slot machine. Well, Granny, give up your bucket of quarters and move over for online gaming.

Online Slot Games are a safe and private way to gamble. Most reputable online casinos protect your identity. Professional gamblers enjoy the ease of playing daily without the bother of travel. Recreational players can benefit from the free-play options of most casinos, something unique to the online games.

In Granny's day, she had a system to play the odds that required sitting at a machine for hours and until it hit the Jackpot. Online slots have much higher odds since the casinos don't have the bother of maintaining a building or large staff. This means Bonuses. Different casinos offer different incentives to play their games; start up bonuses, VIP bonuses, the list goes on. They want your business and they will treat you like a high-roller no matter what your gambling budget is.

This is not your grandmother's casino.

Slot Machine Basics

Our lives are complicated enough, who wants to complicated them further? The basic play of a slot machine is very simple. Pull the slot handle and set the reels in motion. Match the symbols to win! Easy. Online slots duplicated this classic system with the click of a key. Different slots have different themes and extras but this basic play is consistent across the board. There are a greater variety of themes and styles of games online for you to choose from, including 3 reel and 5 reel games as well as high quality graphics to suit unique taste and style.

Ready to Play

Step One: Choose a reliable online casino. Shop around and find the casino that suits you best. Look for what kind of sign up bonuses they have; what security support they provide, and sample their games. They want your business. You are in control. Pick the best casino that suits your gaming style and treats you like a VIP.

Step Two: Sample the games. Many casinos offer free-play which allows you to test the game before your commit your gaming budget. There are lots of slots to choose from those with bonus games, free spins, and state-of-the-art graphics. Games ranging from sports themes, to comic books; from silly to beautiful.

Step Three: Insert your virtual coins into your slot machine of choice. Most games will prompt you if there is any special action you need to take as you play. Remember, the goal of a slot game is to hit a winning combination of symbols. Then pick the amount of coins you want to use. And hit 'spin' (sometimes 'play'). Your winnings will be automatically credited to your casino profile.

For the Advanced Player

Remember to play responsibly. Online casinos offer the option of buying credits in a lump sum. This helps you play within your limit. Purchase a lump of credits at the start of the month and play with that until the new month rolls around. And it's a good idea to play off your winnings. It's like you're playing with free money. Just roll your winnings over every month. And take advantage of the casino's bonuses to make your gambling budget stretch for a little extra game play.

Many slots have amusing sound effects that can be balanced against the virtual casino sounds. Some casinos offer you control over this balance in your profile options. Adjust the sounds to your preferences.

Some slots offer bonus games with prizes while others offer free spins and chances to multiply your winnings. Pick the game that's the most fun for you. Do you want to win that shopping spree or would you rather take a chance at a sports car? Maybe you like variety, so try different games that suit your mood of the day. A lot of online casinos have more than slots; there are tournaments and classic casino games. These might be fun to try and are sometimes a good way to meet other players online.

It's a big virtual world of choice and chance set out for your entertainment. Go play!