Online UK Pub Slots

U.K. Pub Slots players are now able to experience the thrill of their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes. With a wide variety of thrilling online pub slots available, why would you want to go out when you can stay home, point, click, and win? For an extraordinary gaming experience, check out one of these incredible U.K Pub Slot games today!

Who Wants to Win Big?

Lincoln Casino "Who Wants to be a Stallionaire" is a fast paced, fun Pub Slot game that provides players with exciting features, a huge jackpot, and thrilling game play! Some of the horse-themed features include the Nosebag, the Gift Horse, the Medallion Stallion, and the Hold Your Horses option. The Nosebag guarantees the player a reel win on the game, while the Gift Horse provides the player with a skill shot up and down the multipliers on the right hand side. And because "Who Wants to be a Stallionaire" is a gift that keeps on giving, gamers can plan on having a great time with the Medallion Stallion, which is a stop-win feature; you'll have to hit the stop button in order to stop the light at group of wins from the multipliers…and you'll win the combined value of all three wins! You'll never want to Hold Your Horses as much as you will want to in "Who Wants to be a Stallionaire" because this incredible feature shows a player of series of wins, one right after the other, and then you must make the agonizing choice of which win to hold…be careful though, because the next win could be larger! You're going to love this pick-a-win feature! Check out Who Wants to be a Stallionaire Slots today for your chance to win big! You don't want to miss this incredible U.K. Pub Slots game!

Cash-In, Cash-Out…Play the "Cash n Curry" Pub Slots Game!

Lincoln CasinoLike most exciting online Pub Slots, players can expect a great deal of adventure as they follow the feature trail in the "Cash n Curry," which leads to an amazing adventure just like you would have in your favorite pub!

The "Cash n Curry" Pub Sots feature trail includes the Bhaji Bonus, the Spice-O-Meter, the Multi Balti, the Chicken Ticker, the Vind-a-Loot, and other sub features that make this online Pub Slots game as hot as curry! The Spice-O-Meter tests your skill, and Multi Balti tests your concentration! Make sure that you don't miss out on the Chicken Ticker; it requires you to stop the reels in the most winning position! The Vind-a-Loot feature automatically runs the player through a series of wins that are then added to your win pot! Don't skip out on "Cash n Curry" or you'll miss your chance to enjoy all of these exciting features and a chance to win the Curry-Go-Round jackpot, which can be huge!

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Spin the Reels in "Winning Wheel!"

Lincoln Casino"Winning Wheel" is excellent entertainment and a great way to win some serious cash! Like most U.K. Pub Slots games, "Winning Wheel" is a combination of luck and skill…hopefully you have both! Make sure you keep an eye on your fuel meter as you travel along the feature trail because it can mean help, or hindrance on your journey to success! Turbo, Pit Stop, and Flying lap symbols can increase, decrease, or even reverse your progress; not worry though…these matters can be rectified by interactive skill actions.

The Hot Rod feature is perhaps the most exciting in "Winning Wheel" because the player views a series of prizes that are then quickly covered up; you'll have to follow the prizes as they move into new positions and then choose one…Keep an eye on your favorite prize! You don't want to miss "Winning Wheel," an exciting online version of the popular U.K Pub Slots game. Play Winning Wheel Slots today!

Play Online U.K Pub Slots Today!

Everyone who enjoys the thrill of getting lucky combined with using the necessary skills to win will love the challenges and triumphs of playing an online version their favorite Pub Slots game! For your chance to win great prizes and huge jackpots, play today!