Favorite Online Slots

Most of us have a few favorite slots games we like to play. You might even have one or two favorite sites you go to a lot as well, such as the Lincoln Casino in flash or the Winward Casino.

But should you always play your own favorite slots games, or is it better to have a change from time to time?

Favorites are familiar and welcoming

The good thing about playing favorites is that they will be easy to get started with. You know the rules, you know how the games play and you can start playing immediately without having to figure out which symbols stand for what.

When you pick something new it could take you a few minutes to figure out how to play, which symbols are the best ones to get and whether or not there are any bonus features. Sometimes you just want to start playing instead of looking at all the options on a new game.

New games add spice

There is a lot to be said for trying other games too though. Newer games that you haven’t played before are more interesting in many ways because they are new to you.

Let’s say for example that you always tend to play five reels slots games. Why not try a new three reel game for a change? It could make the game play more interesting and give you something different to focus on.

Favorites have become favorites for a very good reason!

We all have our favorite slots games and it is worth thinking about why they are favorites. We tend to gravitate towards games that are fun to play and have great prizes.

They may also offer superb bonus rounds and extra prizes where other slots games do not. This is why we pick them as a favorite choice of ours.

Would you pick a favorite today – or try something new?

In reality it is often best to get a balance between the two types of games. If you only ever play your favorite slots games you may eventually get bored with them and stop playing altogether.

But if you start using some new slots games (perhaps some recommended ones) every now and then, you could end up adding to your own stable of favorites.

So try some more slots games today and download and play some new favorites!