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If you have been reading our reviews over the last decade or so, we have to say that this is the first time we have come across an online casino for US players that requires an Invitation Only email/snail mail to join. That’s Posh? No, that’s arrogance. While it is true that through researching this casino I found that they are offering a $500 free chip to play, there is one caveat that is suspect. You have to give them an invitation code to join. Moreover, there are a few Posh Casino websites you can access, however they still will not accommodate you unless you are invited to join. It boggles the mind that an RTG Casino would even delve into this unfamiliar territory. Thus, without an invitation code, you simply can’t join. Now I could easily give them my email address and wait for the invitation, but I find this method a bit outlandish so I will not join by invitation only.

Account Verification Form?

Through my research, I found that you would have to fill out an Account Verification Form before you can join. It asks for personal information, credit card number, a Legal Statement which you have to sign, and you also have to imprint your credit card onto the form. They do have a toll free phone number as well as a fax number you can use for this form if you have any questions. Is this place run by the CIA?

Players Who Have Taken the Leap and Joined Posh Casino…..BUT

Again, through my research, I did players who have joined by invitation only. They have also been given the $500. However, a personal host is assigned to you and will notify you what you have to do to receive this no deposit bonus. However, upon further inspection, I have read many comments from players who said the withdrawal process is very difficult. In fact, the waiting time is ridiculous. Even today, players are still waiting for their money after several weeks.

Why is Posh Casino an Invitation Only Casino?

No one really knows. The Administrator of the LCB site urged players to use Caution for this casino as it is part of the Virtual Group of Casinos.

Players Should Use Caution before Joining Posh Casino

Getting a $500 free chip is nice, but having to jump through hoops to get it is not. We don’t even know if the $500 free chip is still available. There is no information to suggest if it is or isn’t. Listen, my friends, there are thousands of online casinos that encourage you to join through no deposit bonuses, regular welcome bonuses, free spins, and promotions. There is NO invitation needed, so why join Posh Casino and maybe, maybe you’ll receive the $500.

Posh Casino

Welcome Bonus$500 Free Chip
Payment MethodsBank Wire Transfer, MasterCard, Neteller, Person2Person Money Transfer, Prepaid Card, Visa
SoftwareReal Time Gaming
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