Posh Casino

If you have been reading our reviews over the last decade or so, we have to say that this is the first time we have come across an online casino for US players that requires an Invitation Only email/snail mail to join. That's Posh? No, that's arrogance. While it is true that through researching this casino I found that they are offering a $500 free chip to play, there is one caveat that is suspect. You have to give them an invitation code to join. Moreover, there are a few Posh Casino websites you can access, however they still will not accommodate you unless you are invited to join. It boggles the mind that an RTG Casino would even delve into this unfamiliar territory. Thus, without an invitation code, you simply can't join. Now I could easily give them my email address and wait for the invitation, but I find this method a bit outlandish so I will not join by invitation only.

Account Verification Form?

Through my research, I found that you would have to fill out an Account Verification Form before you can join. It asks for personal information, credit card number, a Legal Statement which you have to sign, and you also have to imprint your credit card onto the form. They do have a toll free phone number as well as a fax number you can use for this form if you have any questions. Is this place run by the CIA?

Players Who Have Taken the Leap and Joined Posh Casino…..BUT

Again, through my research, I did players who have joined by invitation only. They have also been given the $500. However, a personal host is assigned to you and will notify you what you have to do to receive this no deposit bonus. However, upon further inspection, I have read many comments from players who said the withdrawal process is very difficult. In fact, the waiting time is ridiculous. Even today, players are still waiting for their money after several weeks.

Why is Posh Casino an Invitation Only Casino?

No one really knows. The Administrator of the LCB site urged players to use Caution for this casino as it is part of the Virtual Group of Casinos.

Players Should Use Caution before Joining Posh Casino

Getting a $500 free chip is nice, but having to jump through hoops to get it is not. We don't even know if the $500 free chip is still available. There is no information to suggest if it is or isn't. Listen, my friends, there are thousands of online casinos that encourage you to join through no deposit bonuses, regular welcome bonuses, free spins, and promotions. There is NO invitation needed, so why join Posh Casino and maybe, maybe you'll receive the $500.

Look Into the Casino Games Offered

There are so many casino games that are offered here at Posh Casino, you want to check into all of them to find out what each offers. You will be able to find exactly what you are looking for so you do not have to worry about the offerings that follow. Of course, you should make sure to be a part of the casino and of the games. You have to sign up for the casino to learn more about what is offered inside the walls. You don't have to leave your home to enjoy all that comes with an online casino. The online casino welcomes one and all to come in and take their chances with the game of their choice. You can find exactly what you need and want when you walk in and find out more about this online casino.

Check Out the New RTG Slots

The slots that are offered are made through RTG. This is a well-known brand that you can make use of and when it comes to the games that are being offered, you will find that they are colorful, full of graphics, and so much more. These slots are ones that you just have to pull the lever and have the slots line up in the right way. Once they do, you will find that RTG slots are not only fun to play, but they are also something that can bring a lot of winnings with them, as well. Through the use of this slot machine maker, you can feel great knowing you have exactly what is needed when you spin and win.

Instant Play is Offered

Instant play is something that is generally offered through the casino games that are out there. You just have to go to the webpage and find that it brings the fun and excitement with it without having to download the app to play at the casino. This leaves more space on your computer and it keeps the trail of you playing off of the computer. It is an ideal solution when you are playing on a computer that is not your own or might be a public computer. You can take advantage of that instant play just by pulling up the casino online and going to the games you want to play during that time. You will then be able to keep the playing up.

Mobile Casino For on the Go Playing

The mobile casino is something that so many can make use of when it comes to playing while on the go. This is a good thing to think about because if you are someone that travels a lot then you want to make sure you are getting all that you need from the casino and the playing that is being done. Additionally, you can feel good about signing onto your account through your mobile device, setting up your deposit and then spinning the reels and finding out where they land. You will be able to choose what comes next with the slots, with the fun, and with everything else that is to follow through with it.

Take Part in the Tournaments

Tournaments are a part of so many casinos out there, even online ones. When it comes to playing in their casinos, you want to make sure that you are playing the right way. The tournaments are open and welcome to everyone that is out there. They allow those out there to make the most of what comes next. Not only that, but with the tournaments there to take advantage of, you have the ability to win a bit more than what comes with the table and slot machine games. This is a big thing to think about because you don't want to worry about the tournaments and cashing out with what comes next.

Cash in on These Rewards

There are so many rewards that you will find out there that you want to check into when putting any deposits into your account. These rewards can keep the playing up and allow the player to continue to make the most cash of what comes with being a part of the fun and games. Many places will offer bonuses for those that are a part of the VIP program, so you may want to take advantage of this opportunity if they offer it to those playing.

They might also offer different extras throughout the month for those that are regular players. You can find them waiting for you at the cashier. Here is where you can cash in on those extra bonuses and fun that follow. Nothing is better than knowing you're covered when the time comes. You just have to take the next step and find the rewards that follow.

Secure Banking

The banking through this online casino is some of the best that you will find. With a secure connection, you can be sure that you are playing without putting any of your personal information out there. This is something that not everyone is able to say, though. Many find that this can be tough to do because they do not trust the website. You don't have to worry about this with this casino. They have your best interests in mind and can make sure that you get the most from the banking that you have to do in order to play at the games.

Contact the Support Team for Help

If you find that you have any difficulties or problems that need to be resolved, speaking with the support team is the best way to go about finding the help that you need. You don't have to worry about not being able to make the most from the team because they have your best interests in mind and can make sure that you get the help that is needed. Through the use of this team, so many issues can be resolved, but you can also find that they are there when you need someone to speak with, someone to answer your questions, or anything else. They will be your go-to when you sign up with this casino from here on out.

Posh Casino Still Remains Illusive

I don't quite understand the benefit of having to be invited to a casino - the only one on the entire online gambling community that requires one. What is the point of this "invitation" casino? I have been reviewing and inquiring about this casino for months, without any authentic information to back it up. I have read player's posts in which they have receive an invitation. I also read that the casino is giving a $500 bonus when a player joins. But there is no information what this bonus is for or how it is distributed. Moreover, those who did receive the bonus are still waiting for it to arrive in their accounts.

Do You Really Want to Join a Casino Like This?

I would definitely tell our online players to avoid this casino at all costs. I believe it is a way to take players money without due cause. It's not worth it, no matter how curious a player is about this casino. Am I promoting censorship? Not in the least. I believe everyone has a right to launch a site no matter how inconclusive the site is. I just believe and trust that we, as stewards of online casinos, provide the truth about online casinos no matter what country they hail from and no matter how good or bad the casino is.

Supposed Slot Games at Posh Casino

Perhaps one day Posh Casino will open up their doors to every online player. If such a thing happens, I am obliged to give players highlights of the games they would play if Posh Casino ridded itself of this invitation nonsense. Therefore, I am highlighting three of the newest games that may be available at Posh casino courtesy of Real Time Gaming.

  • Magic Mushroom Slots: A 3-reel, 27-way pay line. Win up to 540xs your bet. Features include expanding wilds, and re-spins feature.
  • Rudolph Awakens Slots: A 30-payline bonus video slot. Special features include Wilds, Nudge Reels, Free Spins, with the highest paying symbol being Santa.
  • Storm Lords Slots A 5x3 reel, 50-payline bonus video slot. The special features include Nudging Wild symbols, Scatter, Treasure Coin Feature, Free Spins, Wild Reels Feature, and Treasure Spins Feature.