Online Slots For Real Money: Tournaments, NDB, Free Spins and Free Chips

Before the Internet boom, those who enjoyed playing slots had to either live near a casino or be willing to travel to the nearest casino by plane or car to have a little fun. However, today slot lovers all over the world can enjoy playing online slots from the comfort of their own home. There's no more need for expensive airline tickets or casino suite fees, as players can sit on their own couch and play slots from their personal computer. There's nothing more exciting than playing online slots! You can experience the same great thrill and excitement with online slots as you can when you're sitting on the floor of your favorite hotel casino. While you can get your feet wet by playing for fun at various online casino sites, don't waste your time. Get the "real thing" by playing slots for real money. Feel the thrill of being able to win big, without spending a lot. Experience the excitement of a rapid heartbeat as your payline glows with winning notification! If you want to get the big thrills of playing slots, playing slots for real money is the one and only way to go!

Best Play for Cash Slots Games

If you want to rack up the cash and play slots for money, try these popular games!

  • Aztec's Treasure is a great slot game! The game has a 5-reeand 20 paylines, bonus round, autoplay and random progressive jackpot. Read our The Aztecs Treasure Slots review.

  • With an underwater theme and gorgeous graphics, this 5 reel, 9 payline bonus slot promises the chance to win big. With a fun bonus game included, players can win up to 10,000 coins during play, leading them to the real mermaid treasure. Read our Mermaid Queen Slots review.

  • Magic Money is 5 reel, 20 paylines game features an exciting bonus feature which draws millions of players each year to the slot. With an NBA basketball game theme, it is the ideal way to show your love of sports while playing. Symbols include cheerleaders, basketball players, shoes and whistles, giving players a total basketball game experience via this slot game. Read our Magic Money Slots review.

Play Slots For Real Money at the Leading US Friendly Casinos

Those new to the online slot gaming experience may not realize there are some online casinos who don't welcome US players. While that may sound like bad news, the great news is there are many online casinos who welcome American players with open arms and huge smiles! At the online casinos listed below, all US players are welcome, US dollars are easily accepted for deposit and American residents can play slots online for money without worry or problems. These casinos are happy to have US players and often staff their customer service centers with Americans, allowing for easy communication during deposits, for withdrawals or for quick answers to player questions.

The best online casinos to visit when you want to play slots for real money include:

Considering the fact that most land-based casinos are experiencing a decrease in revenue due to the current economy, online gambling has become a billion dollar industry despite the economic downturn.

Gambling, as defined in Merriam Webster's Dictionary, can either be: to play a game for money or property; to bet on an uncertain outcome; to stake something on a contingency; to take a chance. Given the uncertainty associated with gambling, whether it is at land-based casinos or online, we would like to offer the pros and cons of online gambling as it exists today.

Pros of Online Gambling

1. Payouts: It is a well-known fact that most online casinos offer a higher payout percentage than land-based casinos. 2. Promotions and Bonuses: Most online casinos, in a bid to outdo the competition, offer some of the largest welcome bonuses and promotions online. These can include cash rewards, prizes, and points. Featured tournaments running daily, weekly, and monthly have produced the highest payouts as well. Honorable Mention Casinos with Best Bonuses and Promotions 3. Download and Instant Play: Whether you prefer to download the casino version, or utilize the Instant Play feature at online casinos; savings can be enjoyed by playing at home. By not incurring expenses associated with transportation, hotel accommodations, tips, and air fare to land-based casinos - it is more cost-effective to gamble online. 4. Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: With a vast number of deposit and withdrawal methods available to players in the US and abroad, the ease with which one can join a particular online casino is a safe and secure transaction from the get-go. 5. Game Play: The software used by all online casinos is perhaps the most technologically advanced, and offers an unlimited number of slot games, table games, and specialty games you may not find at land-based casinos. Play Mermaid Quest and you'll feel under the see, play Cleopatra slots and you'll feel in Egypt. Moreover, unlike land-based casinos, betting begins at one cent. So too, most online casinos offer "free play" or "practice play," which allows the player to understand the game and can advance to real play at the appropriate time. 6. Privacy: The one true benefit of gambling at online casinos is you can do so from the privacy of your own home.

Cons of Online Gambling

1. Online Gambling Is Not For Everyone: The reality is that all too often players get so caught up in the game; they forget one basic rule - setting a limit. Without a limit, players can quickly find themselves in deep debt. 2. Ignoring the Rules and Regulations of Online Casinos: Before venturing into online gambling, the rules and regulations should be read thoroughly. A player must be 21 years of age in order to play at any online casino. Although many casinos are open to US players, it is illegal for US citizens to gamble online. Thus, the withdrawal methods may be blocked by certain companies who refuse to pay US players who gamble at online casinos. 3. Know Thyself: Online gambling is an exciting and fruitful endeavor. However, unless you truly know yourself and have set your own rules and boundaries for game play; you may find the experience more stressful than you can handle.

Online Cash Slots Competitions And Exciting Slot Tournaments

In addition to being able to sit down in the comfort of your own home and play slots for real money, many online casinos offer online cash slots competitions and exciting slot tournaments for online slot players. Slot tournaments are wildly popular because they offer great value for money, in terms of possible winning returns and the amount of real money playing time offered. Freeroll tournaments can be thrilling to enter, as they are free to enter but give players a chance to win real money. Of course, when players choose to play tournaments with entry fees their chances of winning rise (as there will be less players willing to pay the entry fee). Both Rushmore casino and Cherry Red Casino are known for their popular online slot tournaments and are great casino choices for US online slot players.

For the chance to win big at online slot games, play online casino for cash tournaments and win big!