Rich Palms Casino

Rich Palms Casino is a highly-regarded online site that offers lots of different exciting gambling experiences to the players that are interested in that sort of thing. If you would like to try one of the hundreds of slot games, or you're interested in the other casino games offered here, the site might be a good fit for you. Learn more about the casino and all it has to offer down below in our full review of the site.

This Realtime Gaming Casino is Welcoming

New players will find it easy to sign up and start playing the different games offered at this REaltime Gaming online casino. That's because the lobby is simple to understand and all the different features are clearly displayed from the moment you visit the site. If you're interested in getting started at the casino, you'll be impressed by how simple that is to do.

Players From Most Countries are Welcome Here

There aren't any specific limitations when it comes to the players that are allowed to sign up and create an account to play at this casino for real money. That's because most gamblers are free to get started here, and everyone will just have to take some time to get familiar with the site and make an account to see if they can join. For most players, the answer is yes, but some gamblers will find themselves limited or not being able to form an account.

Casino games

Experience Table Games, Poker and Bingo

For all the gamblers that aren't so interested in slot games, there are still some exciting options to choose from while wagering at this online casino. There are dozens of different games that include table games, poker, and bingo options. Look through all of these available listings and you'll quickly come across some interesting games with different rules and a wide range of prize payouts as well.

Choose from Hundreds of Slots

There are literally hundreds of different slot games available at this casino. That includes the basic 3-reel classic slots with simple rules and smaller payouts. It also has the exciting and less predictable video slots that feature a range of payouts from small and frequent to infrequent and massive. Take the time to look through all these options and you're sure to come across slots that you love.

New Slots are Added Regularly

Each month a few new games are added to the casino. Usually, these are slots, but some other varieties are added as well. These frequent additions help to keep the site exciting even as a long-time player and give you something to look forward to over time.

Play for Real Money or For Free

It's possible to wager with real money after signing up and making a quick deposit into your account. It's also possible to play for free and test out different games without going through that signup process. It's up to you how you play at this casino.

A Powerful Welcome Bonus

New players to Rich Palms Casino can get thousands of dollars in welcome bonuses after joining. These players can get up to $2,500 on the very first deposit with a 250% deposit match bonus. They can get a 275% deposit match bonus as well as 50% back in cash on the second deposit and a 300% cash match deposit bonus on the third deposit. There's room to unlock thousands of dollars in the welcome bonus alone, and that's when using any of the approved deposit methods to fund your account.

Bitcoin Players are Rewarded More

As a gambler that uses Bitcoin at this casino, you'll enjoy even better rewards with every deposit that you make into your account. The deposit match bonus for a new player using Bitcoin is worth 300% of your deposit amount. That's larger than the standard welcome bonus, and it's just one of the examples of how you can earn more using Bitcoin as your payment method.

Try Different Slots Using the Daily Tours

Long-term players should be looking for the Daily Tour opportunities. These are special opportunities where you unlock a set amount of free spins and a match bonus amount after making deposits with that set bonus. Each tour is designed to get players to test out a different slot game, and they're excellent for helping you to explore the possibilities that a casino has to offer.

Bonuses Rely on Coupons

In order to use any of the promotions available at this casino, it's necessary to enter in the attached coupon code. This code is different for each offer, so you will have to enter in the right code in order to unlock the appropriate offer. Make note of the offers you are most interested in, or copy them and enter them in immediately after you see them.

Join in with Exciting Tournaments

There are regular tournaments that long-term players can enter into to help increase their odds of winning and also to give them a new type of challenge to go for. Signing up for one of these tournaments will help take your wagering experience to the next level and give you something else to enjoy while wagering online. Some tournaments even offer free entry while paying out real cash prizes.

Unlock Impressive Payouts

By playing the right games from this casino's library it's possible to come away with some impressive prize payouts. As a serious gambler on this site, you could win tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars with one or two lucky spins while playing the right slot game.

Long Term Reward Potential

As a player at this casino, there's real potential for unlocking online rewards. There are ongoing promotional offers for making deposits into your account. There are also loads of tournaments and prize-winning opportunities for you to take advantage of. Between all these different opportunities there are lots of ways to benefit while playing here.

An Always-On Platform

Three is no software to worry about downloading in order to play at this online casino. All the games run in a web browser and can be played by members, or even non-members, instantly. Create an account and make a deposit to play for real money, or try the games online right now for free. Either way, there are no downloads to worry about at all.

Designed for Mobile Play

It's possible to play most of the different casino games in this site's library on a mobile device like an Android or an iPhone. Simply visit the casino in the web browser for the device and choose the games that you want to play. It's as simple as that. Things should run smoothly if you have a somewhat modern device, and you'll enjoy the same experience as you would have by wagering on a computer.

No Registration is Necessary for Testing Purposes

There's no need to go through the registration process at all if you just want to test out the games at this casino. New players that aren't signed up can load up most of the games in the library and run them just like they would when playing for real money. The only difference is that they can't win any money from playing.

One of Four Casinos in the Superior Share Affiliate Program

As part of the Superior Share affiliate program, it's possible to represent a mix of different casinos while earning money for referrals as an affiliate for Rich Palms Casino. This program offers up to 45% in revenue share and is a reliable tool for unlocking profits when used by a skilled marketer.

No Sports Wagering Options to be Found

Sports wagering is an entertaining way to pass the time for sports fans, and a good way to let you get more involved with the games you're watching. There is no bookie support and no sports wagering in general at this online casino. For players that are worried about having access to those features, this is a disappointment, but many players that come to Rich Palms are happy with all the different casino games.

We Didn't See a Blog or Forum

Some casinos include nice little extras like a blog that informs players of the latest news about the site, or a forum where fellow gamblers can come together and connect with one another. Neither of these extra features is offered at Rich Palms Casino. As a member of the casino, you can find out about the newest games by visiting the Latest section. You can learn about new promotions in the Promotions section or by visiting the Cashier's section of the site, and you can see some news announcements in the lobby itself.

This is Not a Live Dealer Casino

This isn't a live dealer casino like so many others available today. That means you can't play different table games while looking at an actual dealer that's running things. Instead, you must play standard table games with a computer that's handling the dealer responsibilities. This isn't an issue for many gamblers, but some prefer live dealer games.

There are Limited Deposit Options

Making a deposit into the casino is simple, though there are just a few different methods that are supported. Gamblers that want to use cards have the luxury of being able to use Visa, MasterCard, and American Express products. Three's also support for IGC gift cards and NeoSurf transfers as well as Bitcoin transfers. Those are all the available methods for you to choose from overall.

Just Enough Withdrawal Methods are Provided

As a gambler at this casino, you have quite a few different withdrawal methods that you can use, though you aren't likely to have more options than what you would find at most other online casinos. You can pull money out using Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards. You can also make a withdrawal using Bitcoin or a bank wire transfer. There's a $100 minimum for any of the withdrawals, so make sure you have enough in your account to take the money out.

Bitcoin is Welcomed Here

Not only can players use Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts at this casino, but it's the preferred way to move money around. Transfers are fast and there are special bonuses available to the gamblers that utilize Bitcoin. As long as you don't mind using this payment method to transfer money, it's the best option overall.

Help Options are Limited

For those gamblers that run into difficulties while wagering at this casino, there are a few different help options available for you to choose from. You can utilize the in-depth FAQ section to get information about most standard problems. If the FAQ section doesn't answer your questions, you will have to rely on email support or the available phone number for your answers. Between all of these options, it should be simple to get the help you need, but the site doesn't offer live chat support like many other online casinos.