CTXMBased in Latvia, CTXM develop games and programming solutions for online casinos. After launching in 2004, CTXM's accomplishments include bringing gaming applications and games to online casinos like Juicy Stake Casino throughout the world. They also have worked to bring games to computers, iPhones and Xbox Live.

Operating, Management and Payment Systems

The company focuses their attention on six business areas. They include: Game Development, GamingOS, XBase, XCasino, XGames and XPay. With game development and the companies Gaming OS tools, they can create brand new games or adapt games from movies, television, books or popular video games. The GamingOS helps them link games to social networks.

XBase, XCasino, XGames and Xpay feature prominently in CTXM technology. XBase helps companies with merchant solutions in online casino and betting sites. XCasino provides marketing tools and client management solutions. XGames are used to create real-time games where customers can wager money. Finally, XPay designs a payment system for an online casino.

Big News for CTXM

CTXM recently made headlines when they agreed to team with Sega Games. CTXM will create a series of online casino games based on Sega's immense library of video games, including a House of Dead. Adaptation.

Popular Casino Slots from CTXM

CTXM has eighteen slot games available, including single-line and multi-line. This is only the start. You'll also arcade, card, mini, mobile, multi-player, table, third-party and video poker offerings. CTXM ensures games offer outstanding graphics, generous bonus rounds and modern technology.

With so many games to play, CTXM will become a favorite. Soon, you'll be hunting down casinos offering their amazing line of games and raking in the winnings!