CTXM Slots

If you played slot games at Juicy Stakes Casino ( Bodog Casino don't have CTXM games any more) , you may have found them to be just as realistic as those slots at land-based casinos. CTXM slots are the most innovative slots online today, featuring some of the most popular slots in the world of online casino gaming. Perhaps you’ve noticed just how unique they are from the way the reels bounce upon stopping, or the bonus features available in all slot games, or the creative symbols used in their theme-based slot games. From classic to progressive, from 3 reels to 5 reels, and from 1 payline to 30 paylines; no other slot games can compare to those that are available in CTXMs portfolio. In addition, you can play all slot games right on your browser. Let’s take a look at several of CTXM slots available at Juicy Stakes Casino.

CTXM Theme-Based Slots

Or if you prefer playing popular theme-based slots, CTXM offers :

Freaky Slots

One of the most ingenuous of all slot games are the newest line of slots from CTXM called Freaky Slots. There are currently four of them: Freaky Fruits Slots (a personal favorite of ours); Freaky Gym Slots; and Freaky Wild West Slots. All these slots are 5-reel bonus video slots that include one or more of the following bonus features: wilds, wild multipliers, scatters, free spins, and bonus rounds. Choose a worm to compete in a race while playing the bonus round in Freak Fruits Slots.

Play CTXM Slots

If you’ve never played CTXM Slots before, the world is your proverbial oyster because you can join 888Casino and test each of the slot games on tap (more than 70 of them) right on your browser. Then, when you begin selecting your favorite slot games you can go on to play for real money by downloading the games. 888Casino is open to online players from around the world. We can say, without hesitation, that you will love playing CTXMs Freaky Slots. Bet on it!