Dolphin King Slots

Dolphin King Slots

Dolphins are said to be one of the most intelligent sea animals as of today. If you are intelligent, you should be making good decisions in life. If you're playing slots, this one's your best bet. Dolphin King Slots is a new underwater themed slot machine powered by Wager Gaming Technology. It is one of the most fun filled slots out there. The appearance of the machine overall is simply superb. This isn't one of those flashy-type slot machines out there, but it is naturally beautiful because of its simplicity. It won't get your attention because of its flashiness, but it will get your attention because of the entertainment you'll be having. The machine has 5 reels built in, with 25 pay lines available. There are 40 total winning combinations, so you won't feel disappointed. You can use a maximum of 20 coins per spin, with each coin having a value range of a penny to $10. This welcomes all sorts of players out there who want to have a game of slots with good fun.

The Different Symbols Underwater

The game uses a handful of symbols, each carefully designed to look different from one another. You won't have the problem of getting confused over them since they are so unique in many ways. What you might want to look out for are the wild and scatter symbols in the game. The wild symbol takes form of a picture of the Dolphin King himself. With the wild symbol, you can substitute the dolphin king with any other symbols in the reels to make your winning combination complete. That's not all, once he appears in reels 1 or 5, you automatically get 20 free spins.

The Dolphin King's Rewards to Players

As stated above, if you make the Dolphin King appear in reels 1 or 5, you get free spins. The real bonus is yet to be mentioned. Actually, your rewards in the free spins are doubled! Yeah, you read it right. The prizes you get during your free spin are doubled; now that's a great reward, isn't it? You can even trigger more free spins during your free spin. Now you can sit back and relax.