Wager Gaming Technology

Wager Gaming Technology is a newer name in online slot games. WGS Technology is the platform trusted and used by Liberty Slots Casino. The company brings more than 14 years of expertise to the table providing you with rewarding, fun casino games. If you enjoy the games found at GoWild Casino, you'll love the games offered by WGS Technology.

A new gaming technology software that is providing the games for many of the slot machines found in online casinos. This new technology is providing sharper images and brighter colors than some of the other software options. This is a trusted software by many people that own online casinos. Acquiring Vegas Technology, they have more than 100 titles that they have developed over the years, providing quality software and games for those casinos that want something a bit different.

Learn more about this software name in the gaming industry that is doing so much for the players and those out there that want a change in the way they wager and play.

With more than 100 games available, including titles they acquired through Vegas Technology, you know that a Wager Gaming Technology slot game, specialty game, table game, or video poker game is going to be good. They do, however, specialize in slot games and feature some of the best progressive slots, bonus slots, and classic slots found online. The games are available through instant play or as part of a casino's free software download.

What are the Best WGS Slots Offered

The software company provides many slots that are loved by players from all over. Since WGS is the maker of many different slots and other casino games, you can expect to find these titles that they have developed over the years.

They are continuously adding new slots to the casino, so it is important to consider which you may like to use to your advantage when playing any of them online.

Popular Wager Gaming Technology Games

Why waste your time on Bodog Tricard when you could play Funny Money Slots and win 8,000 coins or more? The bonus slot game features a bank robbery theme. Try your luck at winning 10 free spins or the Boss Man Feature that requires you to choose from nine piles of loot winning cash rewards as you go.

The Reel Deal Slots offers a unique slot game experience that replicates the experience playing on the popular game show Deal or No Deal. When the reels land on three golden briefcases, enjoy a fast-paced bonus round. During this game, choose from briefcases and win a guaranteed prize that starts at $1 and goes up to a whopping $100,000. If you're looking to win a lot of cash, this is the game to play.

The 5-Reel Wheel of Chance slots resembles the much-loved Wheel of Fortune. With a jackpot prize worth up to $160,000 and a bonus jackpot that's worth a substantial $144,000, you're going to find Wheel of Chance becomes your favorite game. During the bonus game, spin the wheel to reveal your prize. You can keep spinning to increase your winnings or stop and collect your prize. If the wheel lands on bust, you lose everything, so make sure you know when to stop!

Wager Gaming Technology Found in Online Casinos

Online casinos offer numerous ways to play in different casinos online. Finding the games that they develop can be easy to do if you know what casinos are offering these types of games from this software company. Here are some of the casinos that you can find this software in.

WGS Slots Bonuses Offered at All Their Slots

Knowing what slots bonuses are available is something important because you want to cash in on extra spins, or even extra cash that you can use to play and win with. Each of the above online casinos offers their own bonuses that you can use on all of the slots that they offer, including the slots that provide more fun with each and every spin that you do.

Check out each of the casinos separately to find out which is offering free spins and extra cash for those that are coming to play just the slot machine during sign up. Generally, they will provide 25 or more free spins for free, and match your deposit or give you free cash to spin with when checking out one of their new WGS slots games.

Free WGS Slot Machines Offering Play for Coin Options

Those that are offering free play for coins can provide those that are unsure about this type of casino with a way to check them out and try them before signing up for the casino. This is a great feature that many of the casinos offer. Those that are looking into the games can find them to try online without having to visit any of the casinos that they are offered on.

Playing the same slots for cash can also be done through the use of the online casinos that are offering the same games, but with deposit bonuses and a way to sign up for the casino.

WGS New Slots are Always Being Introduced

Offering many new slots throughout the year, you can sign up and enjoy all that comes from the use of the current slots, or watch for the new ones that are introduced every week. When new games come out, the casino offers a shoutout for the game so that you can ensure that you take advantage of it.

One of the newest slots series that is being offered is the Triple Collection. This offers many new slots games that provide more fun and extras than ever before. Some of the games from this series include the Triple 10x Wild, Triple Rainbow 7s and Triple Gold. This is one of the best software for the slots to use.

WGS Slots are also for USA Players

Players from the US can play the WGS slots at many of the available online casinos that offer them. Many of the other casinos are not open to US players. It is your responsibility to know whether or not online casinos are something that you can be a part of and play on depending on your specific location.

WGS Slots Providec for UK Players

UK players are pretty much welcome anywhere that they go, so this is another perk for them. They are able to sign up to any of the WGS casinos online that they'd like to play in and take advantage of the clear, colorful graphics that come with them.

WGS Pokies Australia to Sign Up With

Aussies love playing pokies and since WGS is open to almost everyone, Aussies will also love using the WGS slots that welcome them to come out and play the games. Everyone is happier when they do!

Where Can You Find a WGS Games Demo?

The WGS demos are found in many places through the internet. Many of the casinos that offer this app are providing free play options on the slots that WGS develops. This gives everyone the chance to try it before you buy it. You can do free play, check out what WGS has made and then sign up with the casino that offers their games to check them out for money.

What is the WGS Games RTP?

The Return to Player or RTP is something that you should look into with the WGS slots and games. While you can find this for almost every software that is out there, the data and stats for each of the WGS slots is not currently available for those that are considering the games and playing them.

WGS Mobile Slots Availability

The mobile slots have a large selection, but as with any of the other mobile slots you come across, many of them cannot be played through the mobile app, as they do not make all of their games into a mobile version. There are some slots that are made specifically for the mobile. For a full list of slots games to play, the PC is the best place to play them on the downloadable interface that offers all of the options in the full online casino.

Full Graphic WGS Slots for PC

If you want full graphics for the WGS slots, then the PC version is what you want to play instead of the mobile version. Not only that, but if you play in the downloadable interface, you get the best graphics and the full selection of games, as many of them are placed on this. You can benefit from the full graphic WGS slots that were made for the PC.

Downloading the WGS Slots App

The WGS slots are made for the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. All you need is to download a simple app to your device and you're able to start playing right away. You can enjoy the perks of being able to play the slots while on the go, especially if you download the app to your smartphone.

Visit the app store on your device and search for the casino that offers WGS slots, see the list above, and then download it. You can make a player account through the app if you don't already have one.

WGS Slots Tournaments Available to Players

Tournaments are something that so many players love to take advantage of when they are putting their money down. Not only do these bring adrenaline to the game, but they are something that can bring a high return when you hit the top players list. Covering the software for the tournaments, you can enjoy clear graphics, quality sounds and much more. WGS has thought of it all for these large events that are held.

Head to Your Favorite WGS Technology Casino

You won't find Wager Gaming Technology games in every casino, but it's worth seeking their games out. Take advantage of welcome bonuses, no deposit bonus codes, and special offers for VIP players before you try your luck at the range of slot games from Wager Gaming Technology.