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Wager Gaming TechnologyBack in the dawn age of online casino gaming, the early 1990s, Vegas Technology was founded as a means of offering safe and secure banking options to the burgeoning new online casinos. Back then the company was called Odds On, and they used a downloadable banking format that could be loaded into various casino software platforms. It was fully customizable, so casinos could make it what they needed. They have gone though a couple of changes through the years, most recently they have moved into the marketing of their own products under the name of Vegas Technology.

Wager Gaming Instead Vegas Technology

Unfortunately, Vegas Technology casinos don't accept new players since 2011. However, Wager Gaming Technology took over the Vegas Technology games and keeps on working for US players. So we recommend you enjoy great gaming experience at Wager Gaming's casinos!

The Casinos

Wager Gaming only powers about ten casinos at this time. This number is not up to some of their major competitors such as Microgaming and Playtech, but the sites that Wager Gaming powers are among the most desirable casinos on the world scene.

While the Wager Gaming casinos all look and feel different, they have in common a focus on the players’ positive casino experience. All of the sites carry the Certified Fair Gaming seal, assuring players that payouts are fair and that their personal information is safe and secure.

Wager Gaming may not have invented the concept of the bonus, but they certainly brought the bonus to new heights! 100% match bonuses are normal at Wager Gaming casinos, and some offer matches and welcome bonuses up to 150%.


Slot games are huge and a solid backbone of Wager Gaming casinos, offering varieties from the very basic three-reelers that will make the player feel like they are visiting Las Vegas of the 1960s, to the latest and most complex video slots with complex and fascinating side games aimed at the gen-X crowd. Wager Gaming elevates the simple, old-fashioned slot machine by having fantastic graphics and sound that truly make the player feel as though he or she is seated before an old-style slot machine of a style that is rapidly disappearing from the brick-and-mortar casinos.

Slot tournaments are commonplace at Wager Gaming casinos. Their tournaments offer huge prizes and huge amounts of excitement to the players.

Slot machines, however, are not all you get at Wager Gaming casinos. They offer all the standard table games as well as numerous specialty games. Their baccarat is one of the best on the market with great odds and low table limits, assuring players long evenings of enjoyment.

Getting Your Money

With the great odds offered at Wager Gaming casinos, payouts are something that players will need to familiarize themselves with. They work hard to provide their customers with the very fastest payouts in the industry. The way they do this is via Virtual Exchange, a payment processing company with a rock-solid reputation for security and first-class customer service. And, best of all, Virtual Exchange does not charge a fee to the player for its services.

Wager Gaming casinos are not to be missed! For slot players and tournament slot players, Wager Gaming is at the cutting edge of the gaming world, and for table players, their table games are without compare. Come into a Wager Gaming casino and give the dice a roll!