Dynasty Slots

Dynasty is a new, traditional style, five-reel online slot machine with a total of twenty-five pay lines. The game is themed in an ancient Japanese/Samurai fashion, offering beautiful graphics throughout. As with all OddsOn games, Dynasty lives up to their stellar reputation for slick good looks and ease of use throughout. Download and play Dynasty Slots!

Special Features of Dynasty

The Dynasty machine has both a Scatter feature, represented by the Emperor, and Wild Card feature, represented by the Royal Seal. The scatter becomes active when three images of the Emperor come up on any active lines, anywhere in the play field. When you hit the scatter, you win ten free spins at the rate of your most recent bet. The Royal Seal only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. It will substitute for any image in a winning combination, except for the Emperor.

  • Slot Type: 5 reel video slot
  • Paylines: 25
  • Minimum coin size: 1¢
  • Maximum coin size: $10
  • Minimum bet per spin: 1¢
  • Maximum bet per spin: $250
  • Maximum payout: 5000 coins
  • Play Dynasty Slots at Liberty Slots Casino


The great thing about Dynasty is its versatility: It is completely adaptable to become the machine that the individual player wants. The coin value is set by the player, so if he or she chooses some lightweight action, he or she may set the coin value to 1¢ and spin away. On the other hand, if the player wants the adrenaline rush of high-stakes play, they are at option to set the coin value as high as $10. With twenty-five pay lines on the machine, this means that bets on Dynasty range from 1¢ to $250 per spin.

As a traditional style machine, Dynasty does not offer side games. This is a game for the serious online slot-player who is not interested in video-game entertainment. The lack of side-games, however, should not be interpreted as a lack of graphics – Dynasty offers cutting edge graphics that will completely draw the player into the game.

The operation of the machine looks exactly as if you were sitting in front of a slot machine in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, with all the familiar functions to choose from. In addition, there are subtle animations periodically within the reels when the player hits a paying combination. Brilliantly, Dynasty is an online slot game that is truly contrived to appeal to a wide swath of players, from the very traditionally minded to the player who is more typically attracted to the machine rich with side-games.

The twenty-five paying combinations on Dynasty keep the game going for a long time, and the 5000 coin maximum payout is further motive to keep playing. When playing pennies, the 5000 coin payout is a solid $50, but if the player is risking $10 coins, the maximum payout is a princely $50,000.