Casinos Using Cubits

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Cubits is a word that will become more and more familiar to players around the world over the next few months. Since 2014 Cubits has offered itself as a Bitcoin trading service, more commonly known as a Bitcoin wallet. Today, Cubits acts as an online wallet for Bitcoin and all of the other approved virtual currencies. The idea of Cubits is that it holds the Bitcoin once bought until the owner is ready to use it. In the case of online casinos, when the player is ready to place real money bets he will move his virtual money from Cubits to the online casino.

How to Use Cubit for Online and Mobile Casinos

Cubits is available to use at online casinos and also mobile casinos. Players need to open a Cubits wallet prior to funding it and once they have a wallet in place all that remains is the for the player to purchase his Bitcoins or other virtual currency. At present Cubit is supported all over Europe and will soon be available to use in the US and other continents. Cubits is extremely secure and even requires players to send an SMS and document verification before a transaction is approved. This total security system gives the player full confidence and the security to enjoy the casino games knowing that he has a secure payment system in place.